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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Cheese Plates of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – DRAGONN 100% Natural Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Knife Set with Slide-Out Drawer

DRAGONN 100% Natural Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Knife Set with Slide-Out Drawer
100% NATURAL BAMBOO Cheese Board Includes Inventive Hidden Drawer with Various Slicing, Spreading & Serving Tools; Perfect Presentation Piece for Holiday Gatherings, Parties & More
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№2 – Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Set with Slide-Out Drawer. By: Bambüsi

Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Set with Slide-Out Drawer. By: Bambüsi
THE EXCLUSIVE CHOICE FOR SERVING CHEESE – The key to enjoy slices of Italian Ricotta, English Cheddar, or French Vacherin with a glass of wine for holiday entertaining is to have our modern bamboo cheese board. Bordered by grooves that hold crackers, nuts, or olives and designed with a hidden drawer with four utensils, this bamboo-crafted tray will make a perfect serving board for entertaining guest


№3 – Bia White Porcelain 6.5 inch Cheese Plate With Embossed Cheese Design – Set of 4

Bia White Porcelain 6.5 inch Cheese Plate With Embossed Cheese Design - Set of 4
Appetizer Plates, set of 4, 6.5 inch, white, porcelain.
Each plate is embossed with a different themed design.
Perfect for appetizers, salad and more.


Cutting the cheese

Cutting French cheese, one of the most crucial aspects of Briehaviour, is a matter of geometry and manners. There is a right way and a wrong way, and it all depends on the shape. 

For round cheeses, it’s pretty straightforward. It should be cut in the form of thin triangular cake slices, about the thickness of a pencil. For log-shaped goat cheese, go for parallel slices. For square cheeses, triangles are the way to go.

For a rectangular cheese like Comté, just cut slices parallel to the rind.

Those pyramid-shaped cheeses should be cut into one slice and then halved again. 

For wedges of Brie, don’t cut off “the nose” — the tip of the cheese closest to the center that holds the most flavor. Instead cut along the side of the wedge so that others can have a taste of the most flavorful part. 

The same goes for Roquefort. If you take all the flavoursome mold in the middle, it will bring a swift end to the entente cordiale. Cut in a diagonal shape, so you get a lot of the side  and just a little of the middle.

You might wonder why your host wouldn’t pre-slice the cheese to save foreign guests the headache and panic of wondering how to do it, but that would be compromising the moisture and flavour of the cheese, an obvious faux pas. 

Don’t mix the cheeses

For the love of all things cheesy, if there’s no designated knife for each fromage, wipe the knife off on a piece of bread when you’re moving from cheese to cheese. Nobody likes cheese cross-contamination. “Les Filles à Fromages” – Photographer sexes up smelly French cheeses

Don’t you dare store cheese in plastic wrap

Storing it in plastic wrap will suffocate that poor cheese. The best way to keep cheese fresh is to keep it in a cheese bag (what, you don’t have any cheese bags?) which allows the cheese to breathe and regular humidity. If you don’t have any cheese bags around, you can resort to wrapping the leftover cheese in wax paper and then loosely in plastic wrap.  

So there you have it, the rules of fromage. Of course, as a foreigner you’ll likely be given a little slack.

Sejal Sukhadwala

La Cave A Fromage’s award-winning cornerstone, a semi-hard British cheese.

There’s been a sharp rise in cheesemaking in London in recent years, from students experimenting with recipes for paneer and labneh in their bedsits, to small commercial enterprises making and selling cheese. Cheesemaking kits have become widely available too.

We’ve already told you about Mexican cheeses made by Gringa Dairy under the railway arches in Peckham, but there are other London cheesemakers too. Bermondsey’s Kappacasein, Tottenham’s Wildes Cheese and Blackwoods, based in Brockley, all make unique cheeses with a story to tell.  Cypriot-English Kupros Dairy near Enfield specialises in sheep’s milk cheese.

Here we’ve rounded up London’s best cheesemongers, plus cheese restaurants, menus, street food stalls, trolleys and cheeseboards. We’ll tell you about where you can learn to make cheese, too, and the dairy that you can visit.

La Fromagerie

Revered cheese expert Patricia Michelson’s famous shops in Marylebone and Highbury boast walk-in cheese rooms and maturing cellars.

From a vast selection of farmhouse cheeses from around UK, Europe and America, try unpasteurised goat’s milk chilcote from Staffordshire; or rollright — a cow’s milk cheese from Oxfordshire that has a salmon-pink rind and a smooth texture.

Both shops have cafes that serve a daily-changing menu of cheese dishes, including perfectly balanced cheeseboards. They also host excellent events, including tastings of seasonal cheeses, talks, and cheese suppers. The Marylebone branch is our favourite place to buy hard-to-find ingredients, such as fennel pollen, French violet syrup and rare heirloom beans.

La Fromagerie, 2-Moxon Street, Marylebone W1U 4EW. Other branch is in Highbury

Neal’s Yard Dairy

Renowned cheese personality Randolph Hodgson’s cheese shops sell a regularly-changing selection of British and Irish cheeses from around 40 artisan producers.

There’s a particularly strong choice of classics such as cotherstone, Isle of Mull cheddar and crozier blue.

Tasting is encouraged; and regular cheesy events are also held, including seminars on the science of taste, fermentation, and cheese and champagne pairing.

Neal’s Yard Dairy, 1Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden WC2H 9AT. Other branches are in Spa Terminus and Borough Market

La Cave A Fromage’s South Kensington branch has been voted as one of the best cheese shops in the world.

La Cave A Fromage

We told you about the Notting Hill branch when it opened— but the original South Kensington one was voted among the world’s best cheese shops by the Daily Telegraph in 2015.

Opened in 200by Eric Charriaux and Amnon Paldi, the compact store sells mostly French and British cheeses. Try their sweet, smoky tomme brulee or unctuous chevrotin des aravis, or enjoy one of the reasonably priced cheeses platters in their small seating area.

They also mature a number of cheeses, such as silver award-winning semi-hard British cheese cornerstone. They host a huge variety of events, including tastings of seasonal and speciality cheeses, and cheese and wine matching.

La Cave A Fromage Kensington, 24-2Cromwell Place, SW2LD. Other London branch is in Notting Hill.

Pistachio & Pickle Dairy

A tiny cheesemonger in Camden Passage, this place sells British and international artisanal cheeses and hot cheese toasties. At the weekends, you can sit down for a cheeseboard and a glass of wine in their first floor Parlour. Second branch in Liverpool Road, also in Islington.

Hampton Cheese & Wine Company

This buzzy Hampton Village shop sells a massive range of traditionally made cheeses, including organic, vegetarian, buffalo milk, Dutch, Norwegian, Swiss and Greek varieties. They’re paired with wines from small producers; and they also host tutored tastings.

Cheese restaurants and street food

Forget burgers and baozi: good old-fashioned macaroni cheese is the fastest-growing restaurant item on UK menus, according to one report. Here we’ve highlighted the best cheese restaurants to eat not only macaroni cheese, but also fondues, raclettes, tartiflettes, baked cheeses, toasties, and poutines to your heart’s content.


This respected Parisian cheesemonger and ‘cheese bar’ in Spitalfields Market sells Paxton & Whitfield’s English cheeses and imported French ones. On the bar’s menu you’ll find delicious fondues, raclettes, cheese boards, freshly made cheese-stuffed pastas, cheese baguettes, cheesecakes — and even cheese ice cream.

Androuet, Old Spitalfields Market, 107b Commercial Street, E6BG

St Moritz

London’s oldest Swiss restaurant, this classic is THE place to go to if you fancy a fondue. There’s a great variety to choose from; plus raclettes and other traditional cheese dishes such as spaetzle pasta, gratins, and a Swiss cheese platter.

Vivat Bacchus

Both branches (Farringdon and London Bridge) of this South African steak and wine restaurant take cheese very seriously. They offer a number of cheese boards with a choice of 40 seasonal cheeses from Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland; plus walk-in cheese rooms for a full-on ‘cheese experience’.

The Cheese Truck

Specialising in grilled cheese sandwiches, this popular truck is always in demand at UK and international festivals. It can be found at Maltby Street at weekends — check website for other appearances. They use British cheeses for imaginative sandwiches such as goat’s cheese, honey, walnuts and rosemary butter; plus ‘fondue fries’ and stilton and dark chocolate brownies.

Grill My Cheese

Another street food joint specialising in cheese toasties, you’ll find GMC in Leather Lane on Tuesday-Friday, and several other venues around London. The tempting menu includes the likes of hard and cream cheeses with apricot-jalapeno relish and crispy bacon on organic sourdough.

The Mac Factory

These canny folks at Camden Lock Market have based their entire menu on one of London’s most popular dishes: mac and cheese. You’ll find it sprinkled with Cajun spices, drizzled with truffle oil or punctuated with fire-roasted peppers, and topped with parmesan, thyme and sourdough crumbs.

The Poutinerie

If the trend for poutine — the Canadian dish of cheese curds with chips and gravy — has passed you by, here’s your chance to sample a good version. Check the website for details of where to find the stall.

La Cave A Fromage’s platter of different cheeses available daily in their tasting cafe.

Wildes Cheese

Held at their micro dairy in Tottenham, this esteemed London cheesemaker gives a rare chance to learn directly from professionals who make cheese. There are acclaimed one-day and evening courses, with a mixture of theory and practice. During the full-day course, you’ll learn how to make three varieties of cheese and take home cheese-making ingredients.

Wildes Cheese, The Micro Dairy, Units and Frontier Works, 3Queen Street, Tottenham, N18JA

Cutting The Curd

Cheese professional Louise Talbot’s four-hour class is a mixture of demonstration and hands-on experience. You’ll learn to make halloumi, mozzarella, mascarpone and butter using raw milk and vegetarian rennet. The theory behind cheese making is explained; and cheese-making kits are available to purchase.

Cutting The Curd, St Mary’s Church Polygon, St Mary’s Road, Ealing, W5RH

Zen and the Art of the Cheese Plate

Whether you’re a true turophile (def; a connoisseur of cheese : a cheese fancier), or an occasional dabbler, putting together the perfect platter can be overwhelming.

So before you find yourself quivering in front of the dairy cabinet, or revert to your standard wedge of washed rind, here are eight questions to help set you on the right path. (But remember, when it comes to cheese there are no bad choices.)

Montréal Fromageries

Kick off your crawl at Montréal’s big cheese – Fromagerie Atwater. This perennially popular fromagerie, in the Atwater Market since 1972, sells over 700 local and international cheeses, from crumbly, veined blue cheeses to creamy goat cheeses tangy with orange rinds. A bonus is the excellent selection of micro-brews, which pair deliciously with many of the strong cheeses. Other top-notch fromageries include Fromagerie Hamel, with locations in the Atwater and Jean-Talon markets, and Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser, one of the region’s largest artisan cheesemakers, in Noyan, about an hour south of Montréal.

Cheese Plates

In most restaurants, cheese plates are an afterthought. Not so in Québec. Many Montréal and Québec City restaurants, particularly those that focus on local cuisine, whisk out excellent cheese plates or carts laden with local produce. In the latter, follow your nose to the St-Jean-Baptiste neighborhood, where you’ll find several historic groceries that feature an excellent selection of local cheeses, including Épicerie Européenne and Épicerie J.A. Moisan. In Montréal, head to Toqué, helmed by master chef Normand Laprise, or assemble your own cheese plate for an impromptu picnic.

The Cheese Greets You Immediately 

Not surprisingly, the first thing we noticed upon entering the space was the cheese case. It sits near the entrance and is quite imposing. How can you not order a cheese plate after seeing this beauty? But the menu is more than just cheese: there are also a variety of snacks, small plates, and entrees. We knew we had to try a little bit of everything.

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On our cheese place was a burrata, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, and Casatica di Bufala. The burrata was deliciously creamy and fresh and paired with a tomato chutney. The flavor combination was almost reminiscent of a pizza, but fresher and lighter.

The Rest of the Food Menu is Just as Solid

Next we ordered an appetizer, the salt cod. This turned out to be little croquettes of salt cod that were fried crispy on the outside with moist, tender fish on the inside. The sauces were perfect accompaniments- a sweet but acidic tomato jam and a creamy garlic aioli. Everything just worked well together on this plate, all the way down to the earthy microgreens on top.

One important thing to note is that the space is shared with the bookstore at Alphabet City, which hosts evening events usually several nights a week. As there is no division between the spaces, this means there may be a concert or book reading going on during your dinner. If you were anticipating a quiet meal this could be a negative, but we dined during a jazz concert and thought it made the ambiance very unique and cool.

During our visit Casellula was a no-tipping establishment and the prices reflected this; however, in mid-201Casellula changed to the more conventional tipping model. We have not been able to confirm the prices have gone down since the change, but we certainly hope that they do as they were on the higher end even when factoring tips.

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Twenty-one Cook’s Illustrated staff members sampled eight Emmentaler and Emmentaler-style Swiss cheeses at room temperature and in grilled cheese sandwiches, rating them on flavor, texture, and overall appeal. Products were selected from among top sellers at supermarkets, recent winners of American Cheese Society awards, and recommendations from high-end cheesemongers. Products are listed in order of preference. Sodium levels were based on label information. The hole

Recommended with Reservations

Peanut Butter & Co. No-Stir Natural Smooth Operator

Though it says “no-stir” on the label, this “stiff” palm-oil enriched peanut butter was “weeping oil” and came across as “greasy” to some tasters. However, it turned out a respectable batch of cookies—”chewy in the center, crisp and short at the edge”—and made “perfectly good” satay sauce.

The cheese of La Mancha

Cheese is a food that makes you want it so bad, it has been compared—by scientists, no less—to morphine and heroin. In fact there was a heroin-based drug going around Texas a few years back that mixed the deadly narcotic with over-the-counter cold medicine. That drug’s street name? Cheese.

But unlike hard drugs, cheese is easy to consume in moderation. Especially during happy hour, when smaller sized samplings of the world’s best dairy products are doled out at a discount. Here are some of Seattle’s notable HH cheese platters. Consume with caution.

Pick and Choose

For a grand cheese platter, five distinct cheeses of varying textures and flavors are optimal. Choose one from each category — smooth triple crème, stinky washed rind, tangy soft goat, nutty aged, and a tasty firm cheese. Some to consider:

Triple Crème: Brillat-Savarin; Fromager d’Affinois; St. Andrè; Explorateur

Washed Rind: Camembert; Pont-l’Évêque; Taleggio; Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk

Soft Goat: Humboldt Fog; Crottin de Chavignol; Capriole Sofia; Montrachet

Aged: Parmigiano Reggiano; Manchego; Aged Gouda; Vella Dry Jack; Mimolette

Firm: Cabot Clothbound Cheddar; Brebis d’Ossau; Kerrygold Cashel Blue Farmhouse Cheese; Antique Gruyère; Pleasant Ridge Reserve

Other grouping options might be a country- or region-specific selection (i.e., France, Italy, Northern California, Midwest), or perhaps a tasting of sheep’s milk cheeses of varying color and texture.

To accompany the cheese, opt for complementary flavors. Certain pairings are can’t-miss classics, such as Manchego with membrillo quince paste and Marcona almonds, but feel free to experiment. That’s the joy of this exercise.

Fruit: Thinly sliced pears; fresh figs; tiny Champagne grapes; dried apricots

Nuts: Marcona almonds; caramelized walnuts; roasted hazelnuts

Perhaps the most important thing to remember: Cheese should be served at room temperature. Prepare the platter at least an hour prior to service. Cheese needs to breathe. If there are leftovers, wrap them in cheese storage paper to preserve flavor and keep them vital.

Local Foods

If Italian cheese is your thing, Eataly is paradiso. You’ll find Chicago’s most extensive selection of Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino, mozzarella di buffala, burrata, and more. This is one-stop shopping for all of your cheesy needs. 4E. Ohio St., Chicago, 312-521-8700


Cheese is a true calling, and that couldn’t be more evident than at any of Pastoral’s locations. Each piece of cheese has a story, and the fromagers here know them all. 294N. Broadway, Chicago, 773-472-4781; 5E. Lake St., Chicago, 312-658-1250; Chicago French Market, 13N. Clinton St., Chicago, 312-454-2200

Whole Foods

You can never go wrong with the cheese selection at the nearest Whole Foods, but the new Evanston/Green Bay Road store takes it a step further with a jaw-dropping display of international and American cheeses. Fun fact: Whole Foods Market’s Global Cheese buyer, Cathy Strange, is a former president of the American Cheese Society. They are SERIOUS about the fromage here. 274Green Bay Road, Evanston, 847-424-5700, and other locations

Big Poppa’s

With strictly killer R&B tunes (or should we say, R&Brie?!) providing the backtrack to a cheese-laden evening, Big Poppa’s does New York speakeasy like no other. While there is a full dining menu upstairs (last orders taken at 2.30am – incredible), it’s the range of hard, semi hard, soft and blue cheeses that take centre stage. The impressive wine list will become your date for the night, but don’t be shy about flirting along with the cocktail offering too.

Formaggi Ocello

If a rustic, barn-house feel is the ambience of choice for your next cheese centred evening, Formaggi Ocello has your name on it. Over 200 Australian and international cheeses line the shelves at this Surry Hills venue, with an extensive array of antipasti, cured meats, jams and mustards also available to purchase to indulge in at a later date. These are the guys behind the cheese wedding cake – a sight to behold for any true turophile – and their cheese and wine tasting nights are the perfect idea for your next girls catch-up.

The Lodge Bar

Dark and intimate, Balmain’s favourite wine bar is perfectly broody, with leather clad lounges and handsome armchairs encouraging you to settle in and get wine-ing asap. Speaking of, their comprehensive list includes plenty of Australian and European varieties, with a handful of North and South Americans to keep things balanced. Half bottles are also available. Honestly though, we’re really here for the cheese, and with triple cream D’Affinois, a blue Fourme D’Ambert or a hard mull cheddar on offer, you won’t be leaving any time soon.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Cheese Plates by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Cheese Plates wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Cheese Plates



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about Cheese Plates is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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