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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Accent Plates of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Michel Design Works SWPS274 Melamine Accent Plates, Christmas Joy

Michel Design Works SWPS274 Melamine Accent Plates, Christmas Joy
Set of 4 Melamine accent plates that can be used for bread, Salad or dessert
Each lightweight plate measures 8 x .75-Inches
Vintage Images of Santa and his reindeer, highlighted with red and gold accents, celebrate the season


№2 – Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet Market Glass Assorted Accent Plates, 8-Inch, Set of 4,

Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet Market Glass Assorted Accent Plates, 8-Inch, Set of 4,
Bright, colorful drawings are set against wide watercolor washes that evoke the light and colors of Southern France
This set of 4 Market Glass Plates are an inviting way to serve salads and vegetables
Hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent


№3 – Lenox Holiday Accent Plate, Station Wagon

Lenox Holiday Accent Plate, Station Wagon
Crafted of bone china
Dishwasher safe
Accented in 24 karat gold


Dinnerware materials

Bone china is the finest of all crockery but is durable, with ox-bone ash or calcium phosphate adding strength. “Like all beautiful things, however, it should be treated with respect,” says Claude ter Huurne, co-owner of Beclau, an agent for Dibbern fine bone china.

Porcelain is a good all-rounder. “I love the smoothness and fineness,” says Shelley Simpson, founder of Mud Australia handmade porcelain. “But be aware of thermal shock,” she says. “Don’t move something straight from the fridge into the oven. And don’t take it out of the oven and run under cold water straightaway.”

Stoneware is durable and has a look that lends itself to casual cooking. “It’s easy to care for and can go into the microwave and dishwasher,” says Joanna Ross, design manager, Country Road Homewares, which manufactures the ‘Dipped’ stoneware range.

Cost Generally, the more you pay, the more refined and resilient. Fine bone china is usually the most expensive (10-20 per cent more than porcelain). Although stoneware is sturdy and good for domestic use, it doesn’t have the extreme strength of fine bone china, so chips can occur. It is more affordable, though, and easy to replace.

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Swan Retro SM22080 combination microwave

Oozing vintage charm and available in nine different colours (although we love this pretty sage green), Swan’s combi microwave isn’t just a way to brighten up your kitchen. As well as a standard microwave setting, it also includes convection cooking and a grill option, so you can brown, roast and bake everything from crisp pastry to pizza and bread. So the only tricky decision will be deciding which shade is your favourite…

Type Combination grill Capacity 2litres Power 900W Dimensions H280 x W48x D390mm Features 12 automatic programmes, 60-minute timer, defrost, fan-assisted convection oven

Swan Retro SM22080 combination microwave, £129.99, Currys


200Subaru Forester – The Euros are tempting but the practical, evergreen Forester is a no-brainer, all-wheel drive giving it a definite edge. Fit and finish are first rate. Four airbags, EBD, pre-tensioners and load-limiters on front seatbelts plus seat belt reminders.

The extra money gives greater choice. Plenty of cars have five stars and automatic transmission – some have less than 50,000km on the clock.

201Hyundai i20 Active hatch – Slightly smaller than more expensive Accent. Basic car with aircon and Bluetooth audio, economical and zippy with one aboard. Six airbags and EBD.

200Toyota Corolla Ascent – Best-selling car in the world. What more can we say? Some have optional side, curtain and driver’s knee airbag pack. Brake assist (BA) and EBD.

How Cymbals Are Made

Most cymbals are either cast or made from sheets of metal.

Cast cymbals are made by pouring raw, molten metal alloys into circular molds. The castings are then heated, rolled, shaped, hammered, and lathed. This lengthy process results in cymbals with a full, complex sound that many feel improves with age. Each cast cymbal has a distinct sonic character that is unique.

The term “hand-hammered” can be deceptive. The finest cymbals are hammered by a craftsman who actually wields a hammer, applying the hammering one blow at a time. Less costly cymbals may be hammered by a worker using a machine. Truly hand-hammered cymbals tend to produce richer, darker, lower-pitched tones and vary more from one cymbal to the next. Machine-hammered cymbals are typically brighter, producing higher tones that cut more sharply through the mix. They also tend to vary less in sound from one cymbal to the next.

Some cymbals are turned on a lathe to impart certain sonic characteristics. Lathing can be done on either the top or bottom surface or both. Many cymbals have bands that are lathed and unlathed offering more tonal options depending on what part of the cymbal is played.

Sheet metal cymbals are cut from large sheets of metal of uniform thickness and composition. They have a very uniform sound from cymbal to cymbal within the same model, and are generally less expensive than cast cymbals. Some lower-cost student cymbals have lathe and hammering marks pressed into their surface.

You’ll find cymbals with various polish or finish treatments. Cymbals that are fully lathed often have a clear lacquer finish to prevent tarnishing. Some models have “brilliant” or “bright” finishes that are achieved with high-speed buffing. The buffing process can actually dull the sound slightly while contributing an attractive gleam to the cymbals.

Cymbal sounds are a very individual preference. Many jazz players favor darker, more complex cymbal sounds, while rock drummers generally lean toward a brighter, louder sound that cuts through the mix. While a few traditional cymbal-manufacturing giants continue to dominate the market, there’s an expanding universe of options to choose from.

Ride Cymbals

Sabian’s AAX Omni Ride makes a great hybrid crash-ride.

The ride cymbal holds down a steady groove in most drumming styles. Typically, its placed at the drummer’s extreme right (assuming he or she is right-handed). Its name is derived from the role it plays, providing a steady, overriding pattern. While cymbal makers produce specific ride models, some drummers use effects cymbals such as chinas, pangs, and sizzle cymbals instead. Again, rules are made to be broken where cymbals are concerned.

You’ll also come across cymbals designated as crash/rides that offer a prolonged, slow crash. They’re sometimes used as the only suspended cymbal in small drum sets. Another variation are flat ride cymbals that lack the usual bell. Flat rides have a dry crash and are popular among jazz drummers.

Hi-Hat Cymbals

The hi-hats are usually played in conjunction with the bass and snare drums in performance. Consisting of two cymbals mounted together on a stand and operated by a pedal that opens and closes the pair, the hi-hat produces what’s called a “chick” sound when it’s struck by a stick or clashed using the pedal. Drummers control the sound and sustain of the hi-hats by using various pedal positions and varying the amount of foot pressure applied.

Paiste 200Sound Edge Hi-Hats have a rippled bottom to prevent air lock and produce a sharp “chick” sound.

One of the drumming patterns associated with the hi-hats is the shuffle. To create a shuffle beat, the drummer hits the top cymbal twice in close succession, the first time with the hats closed, and just before the second strike allows the hats to open. The drummer lets the cymbals ring momentarily before closing them again to produce a chick and thus completes the pattern. The shuffle is just one of dozens of techniques that can be used to produce rhythms and counter rhythms.

While a 14” pair of hi-hats is the modern norm, smaller diameters are sometimes used in recording when close-miking is used. Hard rock drummers such as the late, great John Bonham sometimes use bigger 15” hats. In the past, the two cymbals were similar, but today the trend is towards heavier bottom and lighter top cymbals. There are exceptions though. Steve Gadd’s Zildjian K Custom Session hats for example place the heavier cymbal on top for a crisp chick. Other drummers use mismatched cymbals of different sizes or even from different cymbal families and brands. Again, there are no rules; as with all the cymbals in a drum kit, no one size fits all.

Crash Cymbals

The Zildjian A Custom Crash offers bright, natural sound with complex overtones.

The crash is typically used to create loud, defined accents as opposed to playing a steady rhythm. Most modern kits usually have at least one or two crash cymbals. They can be played with sticks, your hands, or mallets to produce a wide range of tonal colors. Rock drummers sometimes hit two crashes at the same for an extra-powerful accent. You’ll find crash cymbals in a range of thicknesses and sizes running from as small as 8” up to 24” with the majority falling in the 14”-18” range. While most have a fairly thin edge, the thickness of crashes varies substantially. Hard rock and metal drummers tend to favor thicker crashes.

Splash Cymbals

Zildjian A Splash has a pure, bright, and expressive voice.

Splashes are the smallest accent cymbals, typically ranging in size between 6”-13”. The splash cymbal was popular with jazz drummers in the 1920s and 1930s, but fell out of favor. They were revived largely by Police drummer Stewart Copeland, and heavier splashes suited to rock soon appeared. China-type cymbals with a diameters under 14” are sometimes referred to as china splashes, though this designation varies with manufacturers.

Today you’ll find a wide range of splashes including the so-called salsa splash that’s intended for use with timbales. Bell splashes are very thick and produce a bell-like sound; they come in a variety of shapes. Some splashes are designed to be used in stacks with other cymbals and sometimes come in sets. Mounts for splashes are as varied as the cymbals themselves.

China And Effects Cymbals

The china cymbal’s name originates with its visual and sonic similarities to Chinese gongs. The typical china bell is cone-shaped and is turned up at its edge where the bell meets the cymbal’s bow. Most chinas have little or no taper to their thickness, but there are exceptions to all these physical generalities. Chinas usually range between 12”-26” in diameter. The thing that most defines a china is its sound that’s usually described as dark, trashy, and explosive.

Fast, bright, and trashy, the Zildjian ZBT China Cymbal also makes a great ride cymbal.

Meinl’s Byzance Brilliant China creates bright overtones with a sizzling, trashy, brash sound.

As with chinas and splashes, which are often considered types of effects cymbals, the exact definition for effects cymbals is elusive. Generally speaking, they’re used in non-rhythmic ways to provide bursts of tonal color and accents. When pang and swish cymbals—two types of effect cymbals—are used in place of a traditional ride, they are usually not thought of as effects cymbals any longer.

Zidjian’s Oriental China Trash cymbal has explosive response with rapid decay.

Effects cymbals come in a dizzying range of variations. You’ll find models with holes and rivets that create intensely loud, buzzing and cutting effects. And there are countless more designs out there to create an amazing array of sounds. The sky’s the limit when it comes to their designs and sounds.

Summing Up

By now you should have a pretty good idea of the key considerations when shopping for cymbals. Keep in mind that the thousands of customer-written product reviews from fellow drummers you’ll find on Musician’s Friend’s website can be invaluable in helping whittle down the possibilities.

We want you to be pleased with your cymbal purchase, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and generous return policy so you can order with confidence.


Ferrari would debut the F430 in 200at the Paris Motor Show. In classic Italian splendor, the F430 gave the world its first glimpse of its new seductive body lines, vivacious red paint, and its healthy fire breathing power plant. The Ferrari F430 would come with a 4.litre naturally aspirated Vengine making 48horsepower and 34lb ft of torque.

For being the cheapest Ferrari in the model range at the time of its debut, this car came out of the factory with stock performances figures that could out accelerate the legendary F40, a car that many have argued is the best Ferrari ever made.

F430 Scuderia

The Scuderia would be a highly refined version of the base F430, but 100 lbs lighter than the original and packed with even more power thanks to a modified intake and exhaust system. The F430 Scuderia would produce 50hp and 34lb ft of torque.

Ferrari has also fitted this road going race car with some truly remarkable software upgrades. An incredibly complex ion sensing knock detection system which consists of in-cylinder pressure sensors that are controlled by software give this car a really special characteristic. This software determines if the knocking is affecting the combustion process and will in real time determine different algorithms to ensure the engine is making the most power it can at any given moment.

Alongside the upgraded software for the FTransmission, which cuts the shift time from 150 milliseconds to only 60 milliseconds, the Scuderia is one of the most highly coveted F430s of them all. To keep this car planted on the track their E-Diff system and F1-Trac traction control system work in parallel to improve the handling and acceleration of this car dropping the 0-60 MPH time down to 3.seconds. This car would also break the 200 MPH top speed mark with Ferrari ensuring this car will do 20MPH flat out.

List of Options for the F430

The Ferrari F430 would have many options available to buyers allowing for a large number of unique configurations.

An assortment of other options like luggage, front and rear parking sensors, navigation system, and run flat tires would also be available. Here is a list of options for the 200model year Ferrari F430 that shows you some of the different ways you could spec your F430 and associated retail cost.

The most preferred options in no particular order are Carbon Ceramic Brakes, Race Seats, Scuderia Ferrari fender shields, and carbon fibre upgrades.

On the other hand, here is the options list and retail price for the 200Ferrari F430 Scuderia:

Six-Speed Clutch Pump

Both of these recalls largely affect models between the 2005-200range and should be inspected by authorized dealers before purchase. Documentation of any models with parts already replaced should also be an integral part of the cars documentation upon possession.

Maintenance and Cost of Ownership

Keeping your F430 running like it should will not only help retain value, but it will also keep this high performance car performing just as it should. Costs will obviously vary depending on where you live and by whom you are servicing your Ferrari by. A break down of some of the more common services will you a good estimate of what to expect in annual service costs.

Other types of services can range in price depending on part costs, dis-assembly, and labour costs. Things that are commonly needed by the F430 are wear and tear items such as clutch, tires, brakes, actuators etc.

Mounting Choices

Self-rimming sinks (see more on page 3, “Mounting Choices”)

As for finishes, chrome remains the most popular. It’s durable, easy to clean and versatile. Lifetime finishes such as Moen’s Lifeshine and Delta’s Brilliance have also made polished-brass finishes much easier to live with. These finishes stand up to abrasive cleaners and eliminate spotting. Satin-nickel finishes are another increasingly popular option. “They’re warm and soft, and blend in with just about everything,” says Oklahoma City designer Faye Norton.

Features: Once you decide on a style and finish, look for the following: Washerless operation: This term lumps together ball, cartridge and ceramic-disk valves. Ceramic-disk valves are likely to last longest, particularly if your water is hard or has lots of sediment. But all three should be trouble-free for years and are relatively easy to repair if necessary.

Product Information

Plate Set by Royal Doulton. Mix and match this striking and colourfully designed Fable Plates Set with different Accent design on each item. All four plates have 22cm diameters and are made from porcelain.Royal Doulton’s Fable collection combines three colourful and eclectic styles that are influenced by Scandinavian naturalistic patterns.

Dealer Selection

Receive your free dealer pricing information by completing your contact information!

When the first-series SA RX-(named for the first two letters of its VIN tag) arrived on the scene in 197as a ’7model, it was an instant success, unlike the rotary-powered coupes that came before it: the pretty Cosmo 1(MTC, November/December 2005) and the ungainly RX-Using a two-rotor version of Dr. Felix Wankel’s rotary engine, the RX-7’s 1.1-liter mill (designated 12A) produced 100 hp and 10lb-ft of torque. That was enough to push its 2350 pounds to 60 mph in less than seconds, acceptable for the day. The engine was extremely light and compact, allowing it to be mounted behind the front axle, which contributed to the 50/50 weight distribution. Moreover, the rotary engine was so uniquely smooth as it spun up, an electric buzzer was installed to warn drivers of blasting straight through the 7000-rpm redline.

The RX-7’s chassis was heavily based on the RX-3’s. MacPherson struts and coil springs kept things simple and compact up front, while the rear live axle was located via Watts link. While not the most sophisticated setup, the arrangement kept the RX-cheap and endowed it with lively handling and a bit of rear-axle hop under certain conditions. A disc/drum combination was fitted front/rear, and a four-speed manual gearbox came standard. (A five-speed manual or three-speed auto were optional.)

Big changes came for the 198model year, when the car went into its second series as the FB. The bumpers that previously looked tacked on were better integrated into the Mazda‘s sheetmetal; new interior upholstery options were added; and the rear taillights were given a smoother, more cohesive refresh. A reworked front spoiler lowered the car’s drag coefficient and measurably reduced front-end lift. The car also received a new emissions control system that utilized catalytic converters instead of the primitive thermal reactor setup with which it debuted. This meant fuel economy increases and improvements in driveability. The four-speed manual was dropped for the new model year, making the five-speed standard. The other big news was the new GSL package. Enthusiasts appreciated that the package included new 14-inch alloy wheels and four-wheel disc brakes. (All previous cars had front discs and rear drums.) Unfortunately, the discs were packaged with a sunroof, power windows, and other niceties that added to curb weight, sending it just above 2400 pounds.

In our June 198issue, Motor Trend ran a comparison test among a RX-GSL, Nissan 280ZX, and Toyota Supra. Though the Mazda’s meager power compared with the competition landed it in last place by the performance numbers (a deficiency even a 700-pound curb weight advantage couldn’t offset), we praised the RX-as the best-handing, best-steering, most fun-to-drive, and purest sports car of the group. All it needed was more power.

That power came in 198While the little 12A continued on as the volume engine, it was joined by Mazda’s new 13B rotary, a lengthened 12A engine that displaced 1.liters to the 12A’s 1.and produced about 30 percent more power — 13hp and 13lb-ft of torque. Sold exclusively in the new flagship RX-GSL-SE, the six-port 13B incorporated a unique intake system and fuel injection, further antiquating the carbureted 12A. Straight-line performance improved dramatically. In our February 198road test, a GSL-SE hit the 60-mph mark in fewer than seconds, a near 2-second improvement over the 12A-powered car.

Today, the first-generation RX-hasn’t caught on in the collector market as the Datsun 240Z has, but that’s good news for prospective purchasers, because prices remain low. With more than 80 percent of first-generation RX-production exported to the U.S., there are the remnants of some 377,87cars to choose from, and a simple Craigslist search in any major city turns up at least a few examples any week of the year. Is it time for you to take the rotary plunge?


SA RX-launches in U.S. with 12A engine, Campagnolo-inspired alloys, and optional plaid interior. Early body style with “cut-out” rear license plate mounting area, chunky bumpers. Four-speed manual transmission is standard; five-speed manual or three-speed automatic optional. Optional GS package includes rear anti-roll bar, five-speed.

Electronic ignition replaces previous mechanical, points-based system.

Mazda refreshes the RX-to create the FB series. Bumpers are better integrated, rear end restyled, new front spoiler, interior subtly refreshed. New alloy wheels introduced. Redesigned emissions system and new intake manifold improve fuel economy. Four-speed manual is dropped; five-speed now standard. GSL package includes sunroof, alloy wheels, four-wheel disc brakes. Leather is a rare option.

Speedometer max changes to 130 mph after federally mandated 8mph max is binned.

Interior redesigned with harder-wearing materials, contemporary design. Front valence gets twin lower grilles to aid in brake cooling. Optional 135-hp, fuel-injected 13B engine introduced in GSL-SE model with limited-slip differential, larger brakes, unique wheels. Clutch strengthened, rear trailing arms modified for better stability, optional four-speed auto replaces three-speed (no auto option for GSL-SE).


A splash of two-stroke oil in the fuel tank at every fuel fill-up can help prolong apex seal life. A little (not a lot) of blue smoke in the exhaust is normal.

Cars with extensive modifications-don’t get stuck with someone’s failed project.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Accent Plates by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Accent Plates wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Accent Plates



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about Accent Plates is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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