Best Battle Throwing Axes For Beginners Reviewed In 2018

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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best throwing axe of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – SOG Specialty Knives F06P-N Tactical Throwing Axe – Best SOG Axe to Buy in 2018

SOG Specialty Knives F06P-N Tactical Throwing Axe
Includes Nylon Sheath
Faster, lighter, more agile, and easier to carry than its sibling the Tactical Tomahawk
2-inch 420 steel axe blade has a polished finish and mounted to a ballistic polymer handle

This throwing ax comes with impressive and excellent features that make it the best throwing axe on the market. If you are in need of the same brand or the best product of the sort but have no idea on how to find the same, then I can assure you that with this product, you will enjoy everything and every feature that comes with it.
The features that come with this product are just incredible, and you need to enjoy the same if you are for the best. In that connection, you might need to identify the features that make up the product and in that case, the features include the nylon sheath, fastness, agility, and lightness among other features. On the price, you can find it at a favorable cost that will not stretch your budget.


№2 – Armory Replicas Zombie Killer Throwing Axe – The Best Hand Forged Tomahawk for Battle vs Zombie

Armory Replicas Zombie Killer Throwing Axe
Overall Length: 11.5 Inches
Head Width: 3.875 Inches
Head Material: Stainless Steel, Powder coated black finish, Silver lining

If you are looking for the best throwing axe that will never give you disappointments, then I can assure you that you need to have one of this sort. For sure, this type comes with every feature that makes it suit its purpose. Even as you can see, it has everything to fulfill your purpose and to satisfy your needs. The name alone is just enough to tell you on the effectiveness. In that connection, you can have it for yourself, and I can assure you that you will never come to regret the same.
The overall length that makes this product is 11.5 inches and thus suitable for your needs. Therefore, you need not hesitate in acquiring the same if you want to enjoy the greatest of quality. The head material comprises of the stainless steel and therefore is durable to last you for years when used according to its purpose. However, this product is a defense thing; you might need to have it for your defense.


№3 – Snake Eye Tactical Compact Throwing Axe – Best Budget SOG Hatchet (Under 50 Bucks)

Snake Eye Tactical Compact Throwing Axe
Snake Eye Tactical Compact Tomahawk.
8.5″ Overall Length – Well Balanced.
Blade is 4.75″ Wide and 3.25″ Long at Furthest Points.

This throwing axe is suitable for camping. Remember, when you are camping, you need to be extra vigilant on security, and when things go wrong, you should have the means to defend yourself and your family. In that connection, this type is the best and suitable option for your needs. The name of the product means every letter, and therefore, it is effective and efficient when it comes to throwing since you cannot easily miss your target.
On the features or benefits, that you might need to be aware of before you can have this product is that the axe is balanced and therefore, it is easy to get on the target. The stainless steel blade makes the product the best since it makes it last you for long. In addition to that, the sheath is also available for transport and storage purposes. Therefore, you need to grab the same for your security.


№4 – SOG Specialty Knives Steel Axe Blade Throwing Knives – Expensive yet Powerful

SOG Specialty Knives Steel Axe Blade Throwing Knives
Faster, lighter, more agile, and easier to carry
420 steel Axe blade
black sheath is included with a snap closure

One thing that comes to our attention when it comes to the same is the value and the quality of the steel blade. In that connection, you need to know that the product is the best for the purpose and you can have it for your needs. The black ballistic nylon sheath makes transportation and storage easy. Therefore, you will not want to miss the fact that, for your security needs, you need to have the best throwing axe of this type.
With all the features that you will explore about the product, I will highlight some few that you need to know before you can make your last decision. In that connection, the features that come to play include the 420 steel axe blade, faster speed, lighter weight, and high agility among other useful features. On the price, you will get the same at a favorable market price that will be manageable for you to afford and acquire.


№5 – MTech USA MT-AXE8 Camping Throwing Axe – Compact and Lightweight Throwing Tomahawk

MTech USA MT-AXE8 Camping Throwing Axe
Easily portable tactical axe great for camping and rugged outdoor expeditions
6-7/8-inch axe head with a 3-1/2-inch, 3mm thick cutting edge; 440 stainless steel
Cord-wrapped handle provides superior grip, plus handy cording when needed in a pinch

As the name will suggest, this type is suitable for camping, and that fact is what you need to know is you are preparing for the same. The same product is essential for your backpacking and therefore, you do not have to miss it when you are planning for your outdoor camping or bonfire night adventure. The product is easily portable as it comes with a design that fits the same purpose and the nylon sheath for storage and transportation.
The overall length of this product is 15 inches, and that makes it the best product for your needs. Therefore, if you are in search of the same or the best throwing axe that can give you the best results when it comes to throwing and defense, then you need to have your consideration to this type. Indeed, you will admire it and the quality of the design. In addition to that, the price is manageable, and you can acquire it without feeling the pinch.


№6 – United Cutlery KR0036B Throwing Axe – Elegant and Unique in Looks

United Cutlery KR0036B Throwing Axe
United Cutlery
Kit rae black jet throwing Axe
United Cutlery kit rae black jet throwing Axe tomahawk

This kit black jet-throwing axe is what you will admire. The design and the quality alone is what I do like about the same product. The same product comes with the best quality material construction that makes it effective and efficient for the purpose. Therefore, you need to identify yourself with it if indeed you want the best results. The price that comes with the axe is favorable and manageable under budget.
With the reinforced custom sheath, transportation and storage are not something to bother you since you can easily manage. The other feature is the one-piece construction and therefore, with that, you can have the full features that help in making the axe fruitful for its function. Of course, you need to explore on the additional features and specs to ensure that you are choosing the right product that will not come to frustrate you.


№7 – SOG Voodo Hawk Specialty Knives Throwing Axe – Best Survival Hatchet for Beginners

SOG Voodo Hawk Specialty Knives Throwing Axe
Smaller heavy-duty throwing hawk with large cutting edge, compact handle, and stainless steel pommel
2.75″ 3Cr13MoV steel blade mounted to the glass-reinforced nylon handle
Includes ballistic nylon carry/storage sheath

When you need the best throwing axe, you will always encounter this product since it comes with the best features that make it efficient and effective for the cause. In that connection, you may need it for your defense in so many ways, occasions, and situations. If that is what you are looking to acquire, I can recommend it for you due to the quality that I am aware will not disappoint you.
Coming to the features that we need to put across, so much is there to expect, and therefore, for our case with this axe, I can assure you that the product comes with the best quality stainless steel pommel, nylon storage sheath, and satin finish among other incredible specs. Therefore, if you can have this great product, you will surely come to adore its effectiveness and quality.


№8 – SOG Specialty Knives TH1001-CP Throwing Axe

SOG Specialty Knives TH1001-CP Throwing Axe
Set of three hawks that can be used for throwing or as general purpose axes
Small one-piece construction throwing hawks with stainless steel paracord wrapped handles
Includes Ballistic Nylon carry/storage sheath for all three pieces
Reliable! I really like this!

This quality-throwing axe is just what you need if you are wondering where you can find the best on the market. The product is recommendable due to some reasons. First, the paracord wrapped handle makes it the best to handle and for targeting when throwing. The stainless steel material ensures the durability of the product and therefore, you can always rest assured of the same feature when you have this great and excellent product.
The other features that we can highlight to enable you to make the right choice include the ballistic nylon carry sheath and that the axes come in three pieces. Therefore, when you are considering the prices, you should be aware of this fact so that you do not miss the important things and quality that you can achieve with the same product. Therefore, this product is the best for you to acquire and that means you need to factor it in your preference list of choice.


№9 – Columbia River Knife and Tool Steel Axe

Columbia River Knife and Tool Steel Axe
Solid 1055 carbon steel
Hot forged in a rock solid head
Hammer head for pounding in nails

This axe just looks awesome and right for the task. I am sure for the past throwing axes that we have reviewed; this type is the first that we are meeting featuring the wooden handle. The handle, in that case, features a Tennessee Hickory and is the best. Another impressive feature is the solid carbon steel that makes the product to last for years. In that connection, you need to acquire the versatile axe that you will use it too for other useful functions.
If you want to stay safe or to keep things in order when on camping or any other situation that might need you to be equipped for defense, then you can have the perfect axe that we have tested. Of course, the same will not disappoint you since the product is functional and always ready for the task. Therefore, you have to stay alerted and safe with the same product, and of course, you will get it at an affordable cost.


№10 – SOG Hard-cased Black Specialty Knives Throwing Axe

SOG Hard-cased Black Specialty Knives Throwing Axe
Use this versatile tool for breaching operations, excavation, obstacle removal, extraction, and other utility applications
Glass-reinforced nylon handle with 2.75-inch stainless steel ax head
Tough ballistic polymer handle and nylon carry sheath

As a number one product, you can expect to find the best and quality features that come at an affordable cost. According to our research and analysis, we found this product the best and outstanding on the market based on the different criterion methods that we apply. In that connection, you can trust me that this product is the best for your defense among other functions that it can play.
On the features section, the product is versatile as you can use it to achieve other objectives, comes with hard-cased axe head, glass-reinforced nylon handle, and a length of 15.75 inches. Of course, so many other features are there for you to explore and find out whether the same is suitable or fit for your needs. Also, the product is worth the value that you can spend your money, or in other words, the axe is affordable, and you can get it at competitive market prices.


Throwing is as fun as it looks.

Unlike traditional axes, a throwing tomahawk is designed as a combat weapon. Yes, you can cut down a tree with it as well but it also works for smashing through doors, close quarter combat, and throwing. Many tomahawks are used by the military since they are so versatile. The throwing tomahawk also differs from the throwing axe because a tomahawk is a special type of axe.

In a throwing tomahawk, you would want to make sure that the weight and lengths are right for you. Longer handles result in slower spins. Larger weights also results in slower spins. The slower spin can give beginners an easy way to adjust their throw. Larger weighted tomahawks also provide a bigger impact and can travel farther than smaller tomahawks. These things are also true for throwing knives.

The tang is the part of the blade that extends into the handle. No tomahawks here have full tangs because it is rare to find an axe with a full tang (too heavy and not designed like that by tradition). However, the junction between the tang and handle must be strong. Traditional axes have wooden handles that are just jammed into a hole in the axe. This is not good for throwing since it can easily fall apart. Throwing tomahawks usually have screws to hold the head and handle together.

Cold Steel Trench Hawk Axe Throwing Tomahawks

The rival to the fast hawk, the trench hawk is an OK alternative.

The sheath is great. Made of Secure-ex, the sheath attaches great to MOLLE or any other military gear. It is much more stable than the nylon sheath that came with the fast hawk. This sheath also allows you to carry it on your belt.

The fasthawk is a great choice.

If you would like an axe that is able to be thrown as well as usable as an axe, consider the fast hawk. It is great for throwing, well balanced, and well designed. You can also use it to cut down wood, build a fire, or even smash down a door. The fasthawk is trusted by the military.

I would not recommend the Cold Steel Trench Hawk Axe. It is OK for throwing but it is over priced compared to the Black Ronin and it is limited in use compared to the Fast Hawk. I also would not consider the Trench Hawk Axe a survival hatchet.

Antique or New

It’s for this reason Brett recommends rummaging through antique stores or barn sales to find an ax, rather than buying one new. “To make a good ax, the head needs to be made from steel that has the right amount of carbon in it. In the old days they were using high carbon steel.”

Nowadays, Brett says, most of the new axes that you’ll find at the hardware store are made in China with metal that comes from “melted down cars, or industrial equipment, or whatever is going through the smelter that day.” This type of low-quality steel tends to either be very soft, rendering it incapable of holding an edge, or very hard, making it prone to chip. This is why Brett advises folks “to buy an old ax and fix it up.”

If you decide to opt for a new ax, Brett recommends avoiding the ones at the hardware store and instead only buying from a few select brands that have a reputation and history for putting out quality tools. A few brands that he recommended included Gransfors Bruks (made in Sweden) and Ox Head (made in Germany). Snow and Nealley is a Maine-based ax company that’s also worth taking a look at. About ten years ago they quietly shifted ax head manufacturing to China and, consequently, their quality went down. After customers made a lot of ruckus, they moved manufacturing back to the US and things have improved.

Single Bit or Double Bit

At the end of my first article about axes, I argued that for most guys, a single-bitted ax is the way to go. While it is the most common household ax, according to (the other) Brett, if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, get a double bit. “If I could carry one ax I would probably carry a double bit,” Brett told me.

And because a double-bitted ax has two cutting edges, it opens up opportunities to create multiple cutting edges for different needs. So instead of having several kinds of single-bitted axes for various kinds of tasks, you could just have one double-bitted ax. As Brett explains, “You can have one bit that you can do dirty work with (limbing, cutting roots), and the other bit for felling,” or “you can file one side for cutting soft wood, and the other side for cutting hard wood.”

Besides providing multiple cutting options within a single ax, a double bit can also serve as a “play” ax. At the Adirondack Woodsmen School they play lumberjack games, including ax throwing. “You can’t throw a single-bitted ax because it’s not balanced. It won’t spin in the air,” says Brett. But because a double-bitted ax is balanced, it’s perfect for throwing. Thus, a double-bitted ax can be both your work and play ax. Even more versatility from an already versatile tool!

While Brett extolled the virtues of the double bit, he did emphasize that whether you go with a single bit or double bit is a matter of preference. One thing to keep in mind (as we’ll see in our next article) is that because it has two cutting edges, double-bitted axes require a bit more situational awareness and safety consciousness than the single bit variety.

Length of the Handle

The standard length for the handle of a felling ax is 36”, but Brett says that’s even too long for most men. Instead, he recommends a 31” handle for your average six-foot-tall male. This length will provide you with both force and control.

While many men are intent on getting a full-sized felling ax because of its storied history, if you’re not planning on using it to split firewood (a job for which a maul is really better suited) or doing lumberjack competitions and heavy forest work, Brett actually recommends getting an even shorter “boy’s ax” handle. Despite the name, its 28” length is appropriate and even ideal for the average grown man. Sure, the boy’s ax doesn’t have the same “oomph” as its full-sized brother, but for most chores a suburban man would do around his home or out in the woods camping, it will get the job done, and allow you to swing with more control. You can get both single-bitted and double-bitted axes with a boy’s-length handle.

Handle Material

A lot of the ax handles you’ll find at the big box hardwood stores are made from plastic, but Brett says you always want to go with a handle that’s made from wood. Specifically, hickory or ash. Brett’s preference is hickory, but ash will work just fine.

After you’ve ascertained the handle is made from hickory or ash, you’ll want to inspect the grain direction of the wood, as well as growth-ring width and quantity.

Ideally the grain of the ax handle should run parallel to the bit of the ax. Handles with grain that runs perpendicular to the bit tend to be weaker and may snap when you strike a tree.

The growth rings in the handle’s wood should be tight, numerous, and narrow. Wood with this pattern is much stronger than wood with fewer, broadly-spaced growth rings.

Another thing to look at regarding the handle is how well it was hung, or mounted to the ax head.

Curved or Straight Handle 

As we discussed in our first article, ax handles are either curved or straight. Most single-bitted felling axes have curved handles. If you go with a single bit, Brett recommends the curved handle: “Swinging an ax with a curved handle feels a little more natural.”

If you go with a double-bitted ax, your only option is a straight handle, as it’s the only kind they’re made with. If the handle wasn’t straight, you wouldn’t be able to flip the ax around to use the other bit.

Item Weight: 1ounces

If you are looking for the best throwing axe that will never give you disappointments, then I can assure you that you need to have one of this sort. For sure, this type comes with every feature that makes it suit its purpose. Even as you can see, it has everything to fulfill your purpose and to satisfy your needs. The name alone is just enough to tell you on the effectiveness. In that connection, you can have it for yourself, and I can assure you that you will never come to regret the same.

The overall length that makes this product is 11.inches and thus suitable for your needs. Therefore, you need not hesitate in acquiring the same if you want to enjoy the greatest of quality. The head material comprises of the stainless steel and therefore is durable to last you for years when used according to its purpose. However, this product is a defense thing; you might need to have it for your defense.

Item Weight: ounces

This throwing axe is suitable for camping. Remember, when you are camping, you need to be extra vigilant on security, and when things go wrong, you should have the means to defend yourself and your family. In that connection, this type is the best and suitable option for your needs. The name of the product means every letter, and therefore, it is effective and efficient when it comes to throwing since you cannot easily miss your target.

On the features or benefits, that you might need to be aware of before you can have this product is that the axe is balanced and therefore, it is easy to get on the target. The stainless steel blade makes the product the best since it makes it last you for long. In addition to that, the sheath is also available for transport and storage purposes. Therefore, you need to grab the same for your security.

SOG Specialty Knives Steel Axe Blade Throwing Knives

Weight of the axe

Different products come with different weights. In that case, you would need to find the ax that comes with the right weight that is manageable for you and the one that suits the purpose. Remember, you are looking for a throwing ax, and therefore, you need to find the one that you can easily manage when it comes to weight. Some come with lighter weights and agility while others are not. Therefore, you need to be critical when considering this factor to ensure that what you select is the right weight for you and the task.

Handle design

The handle design of every throwing ax is important. For effectiveness and ease of use, the best throwing ax should have the handle that makes it offer a firm grip. In addition to that, the handle should not be slippery and should have the right length. Therefore, this factor is of crucial significance to consider, and you cannot avoid it is you are in need of the product that will work to accomplish its purpose. Therefore, you should compare the different handles to find the one that fits with your expectations and specs.

Size of the axe

The different axes that you see on the market come with different sizes. In that case, it is significant to get the type that matches all your needs when it comes to the length. Of course, as you can see from every image, you can predict whether the size is suitable or not by just looking at the product. However, for the precise specifications of the size, every product comes with its dimensions on the description side and therefore, you can consider the same to find the best size that will be suitable for your throwing needs. I can assure you that you will find the right size among the products that we have in the guide. Once you find the same, never be hesitant to order your best.

Hardcore Hardware LFT01

The standard rule is that with high impact power and force, you need to use a larger hawk. That is usually true, but the LFT0breaks the mold by giving dominant penetration and destructive performance without excessive size. The large head works well for digging as well as busting open locks or those pesky brick walls. As far as tactical tomahawks go, this gives you all the “Hulk Smash” capability you need while not wearing you down as you use it. The multiple grips improve combat performance for hatchet and knife fighters, while also allowing for dual-handed wielding for those times when you need to ventilate something with a quickness.

Omnivore 3B

The Ominvore is intended to be the all-in-one outdoor tomahawk. It handles chopping, breaching, fighting, and slicing up the perfect onion blossom before the game. Its light weight and versatility make it best for survival needs. This is the tactical choice for the hiker, backpacker, or extraction and evasion specialist that needs to live through the day rather than the entrenched soldier or battle-hardened field operative.

Sayoc Winkler RnD Hawk


Many people are familiar with the different varieties knives on the market (tactical knives, fixed blades and EDC folders).  But far fewer people are aware of what a tactical tomahawk is or how effective they can be in a survival situation.  Why would you want to purchase a tactical tomahawk instead of a knife you might ask?  The fact is that a tactical tomahawk can provide you with significantly more reach than a tactical knife.  It can also be used in many other emergency or survival situations such as freeing someone who may be trapped in a wreck.

Before You Begin

Anyone can throw a tomahawk. Hatchet or tomahawk throwing is an activity that can be enjoyed year round in the back yard or in the woods. For centuries Native Americans and Mountain Men have used tomahawks and axes for hunting, chopping firewood, and protection, now they can be used for recreational fun. With these basic skills you can learn to throw anything from an ax, tomahawk, or even a hatchet.

Before you start throwing your hatchet or tomahawk, you will need good target. The best target is cut rounds from a fallen tree stacked like a pyramid or a tripod holding up the tree rounds. The bigger the target, the easier it will be to learn how to throw a hawk. The wood must be soft so that the blade of the ax or tomahawk can penetrate easily and “stick” into the logs, so older wood is sometimes better.

Choosing the Right Tomahawk

The most important reminder that most tomahawk throwers would give you as an advice is to get the tomahawk that is best suited for you. When you are choosing your tomahawk, you should always consider your height and reach as a factor. For beginners, a professional thrower’s advice is to choose a lighter tomahawk. Getting a tomahawk with the proportional weight to your body will help you get a better stance when starting off with the throw.

You should also consider the length of the handle when buying a throwing tomahawk. Ensure the handle is just right for your reach. The length of the handle often affects the impact of your throw. Check out the product guide below to get the right tomahawk size.

Grips & Stance When Throwing

Stance should be upright and level and feet comfortable side by side. Stand like you’re about to throw a ball. Some people feel comfortable having one foot forward and resting on the extended foot rather than the one behind. Grip the tomahawk like you would a hammer and like you were as if shaking hands with the handle. Arms should be raised straight without bending the shoulder, extended towards the target. Tomahawk should be held perfectly straight so it wouldn’t wobble when throwing. The most important thing is power and speed while throwing, you can worry about accuracy eventually by practicing more.

SOG FastHawk

Number one on our list is the SOG Fast Hawk by SOG Specialty Knives & Tools.

The FastHawk has a inch, 420 steel blade. It has a hard cased black finish and is fast, light and easier to carry. The blade is coated in a durable, scratch-resistant, black oxide finish. It comes standard with a black sheath that can be attached to a belt or backpack.

The blade is faster, lighter and easier to handle compared to other blades in the SOG range. It is mounted to a glass-reinforced nylon handle. This lightweight material ensures you do not add extra weight to your pack when hiking and makes it effortless to throw.

Although the blade of the SOG FastHawk is super durable, it does require sharpening to keep its performance optimal. Like any metal cutting implement, a blunt blade will bounce off surfaces.

This tomahawk is ideal for just that, throwing and throwing again. It’s a solid, powerful beast with excellent feel. Be it target practice or competition. Its weightless feel and compact size makes it ideal for outdoor travellers and throwing professionals.

Competition Throwing Hawk

At number three we are reviewing this awesome Competition Throwing Hawk Axe Hatchet, hand forged from high carbon steel.

If you are looking to compete in axe throwing competitions, this premier, hand crafted weapon is the ideal tool to get the job done.

The Thrower Supply Throwing Hawk is lightweight, tough, throws with precision and is excellent quality.

Should you need to replace the sheath or create and customise a new handle, these can easily be ordered and purchased online. Wooden handles do take damage from throwing but are fortunately easy to replace.

The blade does not arrive as sharp as most would hope but with some quick sanding and adjustment on the handle, it will be in tip top working condition. This is a raw and awesome piece for any collection.

This is for the discerning Axe thrower who appreciates raw craftsmanship. It is an excellent option, ideal for competitors and outdoorsmen looking for a lightweight axe or hammer around the camp fire. If hiking in the woods, this is a thrilling tool to carry along and throw at dead trees.

SOG Throwing Hawks TH1001-CP

The set of three throwing hawk axes can be used for throwing or as general purpose axes. They all come with a storage sheath and paracord wrapped handles to improve grip.

These awesome little hawks are perfectly balanced and proportioned, designed specifically for throwing but can also be used for light chopping.

We found that the notches on the blade side of the handle could be slightly more pronounced to make rewrapping the paracord a little easier but this will not impact on your enjoyment of these classic pieces.

This is the perfect set for both backyard axe throwing and competitions. Lightweight, sleek, agile, hardwearing and with their non scratch finish makes them a brilliant choice.

Zombie Killer

With a name like Zombie Killer Skullsplitter, this green brute couldn’t help but catch our eye.

This razer sharp, with green nylon cord wrap is forged from a solid slab of stainless steel. Armory Replicas, the company who produce this little beast claim you can easily hit your mark from a distance.

You will want to find the nearest tree or target board for some satisfying target practice. We can vouch for the strength and accuracy of this wildly awesome little beast.

It is not ideal for cutting wood so is not the ideal camping tool but will cut meat, rope and other more lightweight materials with ease.

This is a great novelty item that goes the extra mile and performs as a reliable and well weighted throwing axe. It has multiple sticking points which is great for beginners as it easily sticks into the target even if you have not thrown the perfect shot.

DIY Knife Throwing Target

The design for the target is fairly simple, although I had to improvise a bit during the construction, since I didn’t have any real plans to follow. I had a few photos of the target from Range Day and through those, I was able to easily figure out the dimensions.

This is a very easy and cheap DIY Project and I hope you’ll find it as fun as I did to put together. Before we get into the assembly instructions, here’s a list of materials you’ll need for this project. Some aren’t mandatory, but will make life easier if you happen to have them available.


After measuring out all the blocks and cutting them (this is where a mitre saw comes in very handy), make sure to briefly sand them to clean up the edges. Make sure you measure twice and cut once, you need your cuts to be as close to 3.5” as possible.

With 1of your cut blocks, line them up on a flat surface so the cut edges are facing you. Ensure they’re even along that front edge and the lined up stack measures 18”. Flip the first block to your right and start gluing. Each consecutive block out of the 1are then stacked on top of the next until you have all 1assembled. Check the stack with a straight edge again and then apply the bar clamp to hold the stack while it dries.

Repeat this to the other five stacks of 1blocks, so that you have all 7glued in six stacks of 1Each stack should measure 18” long by 3.5” tall when glued.

Drilling pilot holes and a counter sink isn’t mandatory, but the pilot hole will prevent the wood from splitting when you put each screw in and the counter sink bores out the top of each hole to allow space for the screw to sit flush. Plus your project will look a lot nicer and last longer.

Next, you want to drive a screw (first drilled with a pilot hole and counter sunk) into each of the six block stacks. This will hold each block stack and also allow you to replace a section of the target if a particular block stack gets destroyed, rather than having to build a whole new target. Secure each block stack with a screw from each end. Meaning that to remove one of the interior four block stacks, all you need to do is remove two screws to replace it.

Mounting the completed target to the 33” x 48” backer was a lot simpler in theory than in practice. The backer was cut from a 4’ x 8’ particle board sheet, commonly used for roofing. I knew that I wanted at least 6” of backer all the way around the target to protect the wall this would be mounted to.

Using the dimension of the completed target (21” x 24”) and the knowledge that each side had 6” of overhang and the top and bottom had 12”, we were able to place the spray painted backer over the back side of the target and measure out the space underneath to set it square. A pilot hole was then drilled in each corner of the backer and through into the target. Lastly, add a screw into each corner.

The rest of the construction process is simply mounting the backer to whichever wall you deem necessary. There’s some weight to the completed target, so ensure you use a wall anchor in each corner that’s capable of supporting enough weight.

The SOG Knife Target at the SHOT SHOW Media Day at the Range was freestanding and mounted to multiple large sheets of plywood that had legs on each side to balance it. You could also look into making a version like this that was portable, as opposed to the version we’ve made that’s mounted to the wall.

Throwing Technique

First I’d like to dispel the myth that you’ll be able to hurl a knife through the air at someone that’s running and take them out. The reason I say that isn’t because it’s impossible, it’s because you’d really have to know distance and be able to judge the strength of your throw based on that.

Sticking a knife or tomahawk into this DIY target we’ve created is relatively simple, once you figure out your throw and distance. The technique Melody taught me at the SOG booth was different for the knife and the tomahawk. Here’s what’s worked for me.

Hold the knife by the tip while standing about feet from the target. Extend your arm out and sight the target using the handle of the knife. Bring the knife back past your ear and throw, releasing the knife when your arm is extended back to the position you were originally in when you sighted the target.

The knife should make a single rotation, sticking in blade first. You can also turn your wrist as you throw to stick the blade into the target running parallel to the grain of the wood blocks. You’ll see in the video I was doing this in the SHOT footage, but wasn’t in the throws into our DIY target.


Throwing the tomahawk is similar in principle, but you’ll need more distance along with a slightly different technique. Stand about feet from the target and hold the tomahawk out like you did with the knife to sight.

Bring the tomahawk back until the handle passes your ear and throw forward. With the knife you released when it was extended back out in front of you, but with the tomahawk, you need to release before then. When you feel the weight of the tomahawk transferring to your fingers during the throw, that’s the time to release your grip.

Allow the weight of it to carry it to the target. It should also make a single rotation like the knife and bury itself into the target.


I’d like to thank Melody of Blade Aces for showing me these techniques and SOG Knives for providing the opportunity at SHOT Show’s Media Day at the Range. Throwing knives and tomahawks is a fun skill to practice and provided you have the right backdrop and target, can be done nearly anywhere.

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Black Legion Camping Hatchet

This axe screams “steal” for a very attractive price and I would be willing to pay more for this quality axe. It’s made of carbon steel (Carbon Steel being some of the best material used in axes) and the axe feels like it was custom made for my hand. The blade has a very liberal 4” cutting edge which I was able to sharpen easily after I used the axe for an extended period of time.

The axe shined when I cut down small trees and fat pine logs for kindling. It also doubles as a tent stake driver and a nail driver. The only perceived problem I have with this axe is that it comes with no type of cover to protect the axe blade with. Like one other user said I too would be willing to pay extra money for a blade cover. The investment would be well worth because this axe is solidly put together. The price is unbeatable. This is one of the lowest priced quality axes on the market.

I noticed the blade was dull on my axe when it came in the original shipment. But it sharpened up very nicely and I had a nice crisp edge. One thing to improve the quality of the customer experience would be if Black Legion sent their axes out with sharp cutting edges.

SOG Throwing Hawks

With one purchase, you will get three hard cased black stainless steel axes with a paracord wrapped handles. They come with a nylon sheath and can be used for throwing or as general purpose axes. Overall, it has a 4.rating by people who feel it is the best throwing axe available.

United Cutlery Kit Rae Black Jet Throwing Axe

This throwing axe measures 14-7/inches long. It has a 4-5/8-inch blade. The whole axe is made with tempered 420Jstainless steel and it is a solid one-piece design that will not break. This makes it one of the best throwing tomahawks according to some and it is certainly one of the prettiest available according to most owners.

Cold Steel Trail Hawk

This throwing axe has an American Hickory handle. It measures in at 22-inches total length. The blade is drop forged 105carbon steel. The primary edge measures 2-1/inches. Overall, this impressive axe has a rating of

4.stars after more than 500 owner reviews. Cold Steel Axe Pricing Here⇒

SOG Voodoo Hawk Mini

If you like the idea of a satin polished axe head with a GRN handle, you will love this SOG axe. The handle is glass reinforced to give you total control over the 2.75” steel blade. It is a throwing axe that weighs in at 23.ounces and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

Design Issues

Some of the Tomahawks that are on the market today are designed for demolition, as they are angled and shaped in a way that makes it easy to pull apart wood structures or even to go through a door. On the other hand, some models are designed for self-defense, and those items are lighter weight, easy to maneuver, and offer a great grip. Chopping wood, digging holes, and prying are other uses for combat tomahawks.

Common Tomahawk Complaints

Most of the issues that arise for tomahawk owners who are unhappy with their purchase come down to the quality of the product that they received. It is important to pick a model that comes from a quality manufacturer which has a reputation for great gear. You don’t need to buy the most expensive tomahawk on the market in order to get a good product, but buying the cheapest one you can find probably isn’t going to be a good strategy either. Place an emphasis on quality when you pick out your next combat tomahawk and you will have a good chance of being satisfied with what you receive.

Also, you want to make sure the model you purchase is the right size for your needs. Tomahawks come in a range of sizes and weights, each with its own pros and cons. As mentioned above, a heavy tomahawk isn’t going to be a great choice for long journeys, but a lightweight option isn’t going to work well for breaking through a door. To avoid the frustration of receiving an item that is the wrong size for your needs, pay close attention to the list dimensions on any product that you may purchase.

Cold Steel Trench Hawk Axe

To start our list, we have a solid all-around tomahawk which uses a basic design and classic appearance. This is a tomahawk which comes in at 19’’ in length, with a hawk length of 8.75’’. It has a polypropylene handle, and the steel is drop forged 105carbon. The cutting edge on this product is 3.5’’, and the back of the hawk has a wedge-shaped spike which can be used for a variety of purposes. In addition, to the classic design, another feature that buyers will appreciate is the price point for this product.

The ratings that have been left for this product indicate that it is of a high quality despite its lower price point. Buyers like the sturdy handle, the included sheath, and the functionality for hunting that comes through with this design. This product looks rugged, and users report that it lives up to that appearance out in the field. For an all-around hawk that will likely hold up to anything you ask it to do, the old Steel Trench Hawk Axe is a product worth your consideration.

Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter

I’m choppin’ some wood, splittin’ some kindlin’, buildin’ a fire…naw. I’m really just sitting at my keyboard eating some turkey & gravy potato chips. Yeah, I couldn’t believe they were real when I saw the bag either…

We have been selling and using throwing axes at ProAdventure for many years.

You can buy your throwing axes on our Gransfors Bruks Pages or book an axe throwing lesson on our activity web site

Only the ‘Fore-Bit’ of the Double Bit Axe can score a hit on the target area – but the bit must stick in the target. The Fore-Bit only needs to nick the line separating two scoring areas to win the points of the higher scoring area. The winner is whoever has the best score after three throws.

Risk area

m behind the throwing line, m to each side and 1m behind the targets.

The risk area is to be cordoned off with tape, rope or suchlike. Stickers or signs bearing the text ‘No unauthorised access’ are to be placed along the cordon.

A safety marshal/marshals must patrol the whole cordoned off area while a competition is underway. Only officials and those competing at the time may enter the cordoned off area.

Item Weight: 14.ounces

Here is the best throwing knives set that come in value and quality. Therefore, if you are in need of the same, or perhaps you have been wondering where to find them, then I can let you know that you have landed on the best set that will fulfill your needs and defense desires. As you can see, the same is the best for your needs since the design makes them easy to throw. The same products are suitable for both the experts and the beginners.

With the black and durable blades, you can expect the same products to last you for long. In other words, we can say that they are durable. These throwing knives come in nine pieces, and therefore, you have a right number for your purpose. The other features that we cannot fail to highlight or mention include the cord-wrapped handles, black nylon sheath and 6.2inches in length.

Material construction

Of course, you are aware that the different throwing axes come in various materials. Therefore, if you are accurate on the material type that you want, then you can directly check from the description side. If you are not, then you need to identify the one that claims to have the best quality, the one that can last, and the one that is suitable for the task. The material construction as you know affects the quality of the product since it dictates on whether the product can last or not. In addition to that, the material dictates the strength of the product, and therefore, you need to find the best quality product or the one featuring the best materials.

Ease of transport

Do the knives offer the capacity to facilitate transportation? If you are looking for the best throwing knives that you can easily carry, then you need to consider this fact and feature. The nylon sheath in most cases is there to help you for the same purpose. Therefore, you should check on the same and on other features that can facilitate easy transportation. Once you have identified the same feature, then you can proceed to consider other feature that is of the same importance.

Length of the knives

Do you know that the length of the knife matters when it comes to choosing the best? Of course, different lengths are suitable for different needs. In that case, depending on the length that you want, you can check on the descriptions, and surely, you will find the one that suits your task. However much you may struggle to find the best throwing knife, you will come to find that the length matters a lot since it plays significant roles depending on the purpose as we have mentioned. That means you should check on the different lengths that are available to ensure that you land on the best that is suitable for your needs.

The weight

Is the weight important? Of course, it is. The weight of the knife affects its throwing distance and portability. In that connection, you need to choose the product that is portable, I mean the one that is light and agile. For better results, the best knife should allow you to throw it with ease, and you do not have to struggle with the weight. Therefore, on the list or the guide that you will find on the second section or part of this review, you will find the best products that come in different weights, and that should be enough for you to make your comparison.

SOG Survival Hawk SK1001-Cp

The SOG SK1001-CP is a multipurpose tomahawk which measures 6.x 0.x 12.inches and weighs pounds. The head comes with an axe and spike combination and it’s made from 420 stainless steel. On the head’s sides, you can find a hammer option, as well. The handle is made out of fiberglass reinforced nylon and has a steel ferrule for stability. The handle is wrapped with paracord to make gripping safer.

This is a versatile tool you can use in survival and tactical situations both. Before you start using it, keep in mind you have to sharpen it. It isn’t a dull blade when it arrives, but it isn’t razor sharp, either. The axe is great at cutting things, no matter what. You can use it to cut and split wood in a survival situation, or you can use it for breaching or for obstacle removal in a tactical situation.

But the axe is just one-third of the head’s tools. Another useful tool is the spiked back. Not only can you use it to smash through things and to put holes in them, but it comes with a nail removal tool that actually works. The spiked head it’s split in the middle, so you can grab different types of nails and pull them. The lateral hammer has a checkered surface so you can accurately hit the target in the same spot without any troubles. You will also find a fire starter hidden on the inside of the handle. You only need to take it out, pull it on the blade and you will have a fire built in no time whatsoever.

Wood Or Polymer Handle

Tactical tomahawks come with two types of handle, the classical wooden one, and the modern polymer one. Both types can contribute to the overall level of the tool.

Polymer Handles – Manufacturers nowadays use all kind of polymers for the handles. Some of them might be straight and some curved, depending on the model. The main advantage of the polymer handles is that they come with custom made grips. The grips can either be molded in their form from the beginning, or they can be added later as plastic or rubber scales, or as nylon. Most of the polymer handles are highly durable and have a steel ferrule for additional strength. Another advantage of these models is that they are very well balanced. Having a balanced tool means that you’re not going to tire easily and you can use it with more precision.  The tactical tomahawk market is large and has a large variety of prices, as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the best tactical tomahawks for you will be expensive. It means that you have to look for an appropriate tool, not jump at the first offer you stumble upon.

Cheap Models – Cheap models usually have a wooden handle. That could not be a problem if they used hardwood and if the wood was treated before you bought it. It needs to have a protective coating, otherwise, you’re spending your money on firewood. They also come with a steel head. The problem is that sometimes they don’t use stainless steel, so it will rust if you don’t use and store them in proper conditions.

Long Handle Or Short Handle Tomahawk

The handle of your tactical tomahawk can be either long or short. Each type has advantages and disadvantages.

Short Handle – The short handle tomahawk can be easily handled one-handed. It doesn’t matter if the handle is made out of wood or polymer, you will be able to lift it and use it with only one hand. You can strap them on your belt for everyday use, you can put them in your backpack or fix them on it with straps, or you can hold them in your hand while moving. The short handle models are perfect suited to precision tasks, such as cutting rope, shaving branches, splitting firewood, or breaking small objects. In a survival situation, they can be used similarly to a hatchet. In a tactical situation, they can be used for breaching and entering, obstacle removal, or object smashing. If the situation arises, they can be used as a self-defense weapon you can wield one-handed with great precision and speed. You can use them to defend yourself in close quarters situations.

Long Handle – Long handled tomahawks can usually be used two-handed, but there are some models you can wield one-handed, as well. Many of them have the handle made out of wood, which will make it too heavy for one-handed use. Some of them have polymer handles that are surprisingly light, so you will be able to use those one-handed. The good thing is that they usually come with a sheath you can use to carry them. They are too heavy and long to be carried in your hand for a long time while you move around. In a survival situation, you can use them as you would a regular aax In a tactical situation, you can use them to breach and enter, for obstacle removal, for smashing big objects. As a self-defense weapon, their weight will give your swings power and speed. They might be difficult to use in close-quarters situations.


Every tactical tomahawk manufacturer wants to surprise you with their designs. Tomahawks nowadays come with a large variety of accessories. Here’s a list with the best and most common of them, and their uses.

The Ax – Every model, no matter the manufacturer has this. You can use the ax for cutting or splitting. Some models even come with double edges. Double the edges, double the fun, that’s what we think.

The Hammer – Some models come with a hammerhead opposite the ax, but some come with a hammer on the sides of the head. No matter where it is positioned, the hammer will definitely help you many times. For everyday use, you can use the hammerhead as you use the regular hammer, for nails and construction work. In a survival situation, a hammer can come in handy when you’re preparing your shelter. You can also use it to smash nuts and eat them. In a tactical situation, you can use it to break down a locked door or a fence.

The Spike – Some manufacturers put a spike on the opposite side of the ax. This is a useful tool you can employ in both tactical and survival situations. In tactical situations, you can use it to put holes through various objects. In addition to that, in a survival situation, you can use it for digging. In a defense situation, the spike end ensures your assailant can’t catch your blade. It also provides another sharp edge for your attacks.

The Pry Bar – Some models come with a pry bar at the end of the handle. You can use this bar and a handle in the ax head to maximize your leverage. This is excellent for tactical situations which require breach and enter operations and you have to open locked doors.

It might not seem so, but having a good grip can make the difference between a good and a bad tomahawk, and between a positive and a negative experience.

No Grip – This is common for wooden handles. They don’t offer any kind of grips. You hold the wooden shaft and go on from there. That might be a problem in humid conditions, where the water might loosen your grip, or in high-temperature conditions when your palms begin to sweat. The best and easiest way to deal with this problem is to buy a pair of gloves to help with handling your tomahawk.

Cord Grips – It really doesn’t matter if the grip is made out of nylon or paracord. These grip models allow you to hold onto the shaft of the tool and swing it confidently. The cords can be spiraled around the end of the handle, or they can be arranged as a webbing. The webbing also provides finger holders to make the grip even more secure.

Scale Styled Grips – Scale style grips have a rubbery texture you can easily hold on to. That texture is created once a gun coating is applied to them. After the coating, they will feel as good as a handgun handle in your palm. These grips can be removed from your tomahawk when you need to clean it.

Checkered Grips – This kind of grips are used by many manufacturers. The reason many models have it is that they can cover the whole surface of the handle, from the steelhead to the end. This facilitates your grip all over the handle and makes the tool easier to use. You don’t need to look for a specific part of the handle to put your hands on. You just grip it where it feels natural for the purpose you have in mind and go for it.

Wrapping Up!

If you are looking for a tool that might one day save your life in the woods, by all means, buy one that is capable of doing a lot of different things: tactical watch, pants, gloves, backpack, waterproof backpack, flashlight, etc. You never know what you’ll need at the moment.

Which would explain the beer.

The game is the latest entry in inventive leisure, a low-cost activity that provides community, novelty and the newest twist on a party when paintball and painting pottery have become been-there, done-that.

Axe-throwing, which is done in groups of eight or more, or in league play, with 30 competitors who register online. Two players stand in adjacent lanes, taking turns tossing axes at a target 1feet away. In eight-week league play, competitors play round robin, a computer program assigning the pairings.

And whence did competitive indoor axe-throwing come? You can blame Canada for this, along with a religious devotion to hockey, odd-shaped bacon and an embarrassment of photogenic Justins (Trudeau, Bieber) and Ryans (Gosling, Reynolds).

Five years ago, Wilson moved the game indoors and opened his first venue. Today, the Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) has eight locations in Canada, a ninth set to open in November, and 150 employees.

At Urban Axes, the decor is steampunk meets Home Depot. Queen wails on the sound system. The aroma? Woody with a top note of takeout.

One attraction of competitive axe-throwing: a level hurling field. Most likely, you will stink in the beginning. Later, you will improve.

Length of Shaft

Obviously this is just a tiny percentage of the seemingly endless amount of t-hawks that are available on the market place today.  But these are axes that I personally have used and am willing to trust my life with and will recommend to my friends.  Now each multi-purpose axe is slightly different, so before buying one make sure that you know about the variations in axes and decide on what would be best for you.

The History of Tomahawks

Now I don’t claim to be a world renowned historian on the topic of the history of tomahawks, but I have done a little bit of research on these combat tomahawks.  Back in the precolonial times the Algonquian tribes who were found along the Atlantic and the Great Lakes were the original creators of what we now know as the tomahawk.  They were originally made with rounded stone or deer antler as the head because they lacked the iron-making technology.  These were used predominately as a tactical throwing tomahawk by these tribes and were used for both hunting and protection.

For the next five hundred years, the tomahawk continues to make appearances in Military, and recreational areas.  Around the Revolutionary War, the British Army actually outfitted their whole army with tomahawks to be used as a close combat weapon and tool.

Even more recently they have appeared in history.  That’s right, the Vietnam tomahawk!  These tomahawks were never fully issued by the U.S. government after a few failed attempts, but there were around three thousand eight hundred of these axes put into private use by U.S soldiers.  The Vietnam tactical tomahawk was originally made of tan hickory shaft and the tests were good.  After the first five hundred produced with hickory, the use of fiberglass for the shaft was tested.  It was later found that the fiberglass couldn’t withstand the hardships of throwing the tomahawk around.

Throwing Hatchet

If you are looking for an axe that can be used for a distance attack or defense then you need to look at this post about a throwing hatchet.  Throwing hatchets are similar to tomahawks but they are generally considered to be only thrown while a tomahawk can technically be used either way.  These hatchets are generally a little smaller in size and are nearly always full tang as they need to be durable.  If they were partial tang they would most like break on impact.

Shaft Length

Shaft length is pretty self explanatory, the length of the shaft up to the head of the tomahawk.  Some people will include the head in the measurement so you will have to be careful.   Tomahawks have a wide variety of sizes, and generally these are up to your personal preference.  I have seen some tomahawks as long as twenty inches and some as short as around ten inches.  Again if used for throwing you will want a comfortable size.

Grip Material

This is an important aspect that a lot of people seem to overlook, the grip material.  Grip material is exactly what it sounds like, on the lower end of the tomahawk’s shaft is considered the grip.  Now most tomahawks will have a grip made of a third party material.  This can include a nylon cord wrapped around the shaft, or a tough rubber like material.  A premium grip is nice to have as it can really help save your hands from the struggle of holding on to straight metal like if you didn’t have a grip.

Tools on The Backend of the Head

This is where I have seen some differences in this market.  Now every tomahawk will have a blade as the primary “tool” on the head.  But, the other side of the head is where the variation can occur.  The majority of tomahawks will have a spike of some sort as the secondary side.  I have also seen hammers on the backend and tools to breach doors made specifically for the Military.

RMJ Tomahawks

RMJ Tomahawks are some of the most known tomahawks in the world, and it’s mainly because of the creator.  Created by Ryan M. Johnson, the huge tactical utilities mongol who opened his doors to tomahawks nearly twenty-five years ago.  He is now one of the leading names in the tactical axe marketplace.


M4Tomahawks are a great new addition to the tact. tomahawk genre.  Originally created by United Cutlery, these axes have a plethora of different blades that are designed to withstand a beating and to keep you alive.  I dare you to check these out!

Browning Shock ‘N’ Awe

This hawk labeled the “Shock ‘N’ Awe Tomahawk” is a monster.  I ordered this a few weeks after it was released mainly because all the Browning products I have owned have done me well, and this axe is no different!  This axe is another full tang hatchet, that is made of 105stainless steel with a black powder coat.  The length of this axe is ten and a half inches so it’s a little bit smaller than the previous tool which I personally found to fit perfectly in my hand and that it wasn’t too small.

The slogan on the Browning website states “Capable of anything from splitting kindling at your base camp to hacking your way out of a crashed helicopter, this tactical tool will make you one tough customer when serious trouble comes calling.”  I wouldn’t know how effective it would be to cut your way out of a downed helicopter with it, but it definitely is one tough tool.

This is the perfect multi-tool for anyone that needs something better than a knife, and smaller than a full fledged axe.  The backend of the head houses a very powerful spike that can put a good sized hole into anything that you make contact with.

A big advantage with this one over some others that I have used is the curved handle.  The curved handle helps get a more secure grip on the axe, especially if someone is trying to grab your axe from the head.  The way it’s shaped just makes it feel so comfortable in your hands.  This may just be the best tomahawk of 201 I thoroughly suggest this to anyone!

Smith and Wesson SW671

Smith and Wesson have been a pride and true company for the past one hundred fifty years.  I generally trust any product by S&W, and this one is no different.

This is one of the heavier axes I’ve ever used.  It’s a staggering 2.pounds (43.oz).  Now while most axes are under pounds, this one stacks on a little bit more.  It’s made of 1070 carbon steel and 15.inches long.  When I used this the weight didn’t really get in the way of what I wanted to do with it, but if you are interested in throwing tomahawks than this may not be the best one for you.

One of the best advantages of having such a heavy axe is that along with it’s durability, it can literally bust down any door or tree that you may need to be chopped into pieces.  This is more along the type of tomahawk axe that should be used for objects that need a little more oomph to get through, I wouldn’t recommend this as a belt loop tomahawk as it may get a little uncomfortable, but as a tool for forced entry this is definitely the way to go.

It comes with a nice nylon sheath to keep it in a safe and comfortable position when not being used.  But I recommend this as an entry or extraction tool as it’s weight and it’s length will help you force your way in or out of anything to get you out of harms way.

Now It’s Your Turn

Now I hope you have learned a whole lot about tomahawks from this post.  I have provided you with quite a bit of information, I have provided you with a total of ten axes that have made my personal list of favorites.  Now I have done a lot of work to hopefully help some of you out, but take my opinions with a grain of salt.  Every person has different needs for these tools, so don’t just buy the ones I’m suggesting, do you own research also.  Be sure to look for the variations in each axe and look for what you actually need in an axe.  From there you will be able to make the best decision.  So now you are done!  Go get yourself the best combat tomahawk you can!

Thank You For Visiting Tactical Tutor!  My name is Brett and I am the one here to keep you safe!

Tomahawk Brands to Avoid

As you can see there are a ton of brands that make tomahawks. Obviously, this list is a generally guide. SOG for instance makes some very cheap tomahawks out of poor quality materials. As a rule of thumb, you get what you pay for.

Tactical Tomahawks

Tactical ‘hawks are the Swiss army knife of tomahawks. Their primary function isn’t hand to hand combat, although they do an admiral job during combat. These tomahawks will be more focused on smashing doors, breaking windows, opening locks or used in survival situations.

For breaching or search and rescue applications you may want to look towards the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk.

Combat Tomahawks

Combat tomahawks are very similar to tactical tomahawk the main difference is the main purpose is for hand to hand combat. Lighter tomahawks are usually better for combat as they allow you to maneuver and strike with greater accuracy.

You can also find tomahawks that feature a more traditional knife grind as opposed to an axe grind. Basically this means it’ll inflict more damage on impact. A good example of this is the badass Sayoc R&D Hawk.

Unfortunately the Sayoc R&D Hawk is incredibly expensive – we really like the Browning Shock n’ Awe Hawk for combat purposes.

Throwing Tomahawks

Perhaps the most badass tomahawks are designed for chucking. Throwing tomahawks are more for sports then every day use, but like archery or skeet shooting throwing ‘hawks is a hell of a time.

You can’t just throw any old axe and expect it to work out. It requires a very fine balance which creates the end over end toppling action.

United Cutlery Tomahawks: UC283M4Ranger Hawk Axe & United Cutlery UC276M4Hawk Axe

The M4series from United Cultery is their entry level tomahawks. If you’re looking for a tomahawk to put on your wall because it looks bad ass both of these tomahawks will fit the bill. you’re looking for a real combat weapon I would stay away from the United Cultery brand in general. Their niche market has always been selling replica’s from movies and shows which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the buyer that it will perform under the gun.

The 4Hawk Axe and the M4Ranger Hawk is cast out of 2Cr1which is a stainless steel manufactured in China. 2Cr1is a rather tough material, however it won’t hold an edge for very long meaning you’ll be sharpening this bad boy frequently.

In addition to this, the blade and handle ARE NOT one piece which leaves it prone to breaking. Whenever you have a connection of sorts it’s generally going to be the weakest part.

Columbia River Knife and Tool 27213.75-Inch Kangee T-Hawk Tomahawk & Chogan Tomahawk

The main difference between the Kangee hawk and the Chogan is the backside of the tool. The Kangee has a spike perfect for penetrating tough to puncture materials while the Chogan has a flat heat for hammer like applications.

These tomahawks were both designed exclusively for Columbia River by Ryan Johnson (RMJ Tactical).

Unlike the United Cultery tools, CRKT tomahawks were made for the field. They’re excellent tools to carry for breaching and comba t. You can bust a lock with the spike or you can blast through a window or cut your way through a car door.

They’re made out of SK-steel which is a Japenese Steel and treated in such a way that they’re durable and they keep an edge.

Most Popular Tomahawks

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F01T Tactical Tomahawk, Black

With its 2.75-inch edge and 420 stainless steel head, the F01T can be used as a weapon or a general purpose tool. This is a well-made axe, and while SOG has manufactured a lot of quality axes, this is one of their best yet. The blade is extremely sharp, so it’s appropriate as a throwing tomahawk, and the opposing pick is very useful as well. A lot of thought went into the design, so you can use the pick to create channels easily. The head and shaft are not one piece, but the head is connected to the steel handle with screws so it won’t come off.

United Cutlery M4Hawk Axe

The M4is regarded as one of the best tactical tomahawk axes, and that’s because you can use it as a tool or a weapon. 1inches long with an 8-inch blade, the M4has the right amount of balance and weight so you can swing it with one arm or two. Like other M4axes, this one has a very good handle grip so it doesn’t slip from your hand. Not only is the blade functional, but it’s slickly designed, and the cutting edge is as good as advertised. The M4also comes with a sheath and it is just as well designed.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F06-N Fast Hawk Tactical Tomahawk, Black

The F06-N Fast Hawk sports a stainless steel head and a 2.75-inch blade, and it’s not just great as a battle axe but as a durable wood tool. The F06-N is a well-designed blade, has a very good edge and can withstand rigorous use. There are a lot of tactical tomahawk axes out there, but they’re more expensive. The handle is compact and slim, and so is the head, but SOG has done a good job in giving the axe power and balance. If you’re going to buy a tomahawk you need to compare the product features so you can get the best axe to fit your needs. This will take time but you need to be patient as it will pay off.

Photo courtesy of Urban Axes

Owners Krista Poll, Matt Paton, Shaun Hurley, and Stu Jones opened the first Urban Axes in Philadelphia last year as an affiliate of the NATF; the venue prioritizes entertainment over competition.

Urban Axes targets opening the Austin location in late August or early September of this year. The team is also eyeing outposts in Baltimore and Cincinnati. 

Fiskars XHatchet 1Inch

So, you can reach three times deeper into the wood with lesser swings and minimum effort while chopping. Its low-friction blade coating and blade grinding technique help to push through the wood and also avoid axe head from getting stuck; hence, saving your valuable time. The handle of the Xhatchet is made with Shock-absorbing DuraFrame material, making it lighter and stronger than steels which can save you from suffering overstrike damages. The slipless body will help you to grip in a convenient and balanced way; also, prevents wrist muscle pains. Thus, the Fiskars XHatchet can make your job done efficiently and most effectively than others.

325Costomer ReviewsMostly suitable for taller users, Fiskars X2Super Splitting Axe is the most effective tool for splitting mid to extra-large sized wood logs and lumbers. It doesn’t matter how tougher the task is, a Fiskars X2will never let you down! Similar to other X series axes by Fiskars, this one comes with perfected weight distribution and balanced power-to-weight ratio to provide you extra velocity in swings for the maximum outcome in a single stroke.

Its bevel convex advanced blade geometry with an ultra-sharp edge enables the blade to split up wood logs more proficiently than any other tools. Compared to different 3inch axes, Fiskars X2is lightweight due to its shock-absorbing FiberComp handle which is literally, indestructible in regular use.

The extra-strengthened forged steel blades also stay sharp longer than ordinary axes. Furthermore, the Xhas low-friction coating on its blade to penetrate through the tough logs which also prevents the axe head from being jammed after strokes. So, never feel hesitated to get the best splitting axe by Fiskars! >> Check Price & read customer reviews <<

It also comes with a wonderful leather-vinyl sheath. For a fully metal body, strokes are more powerful than that of wooden handle axes. Another distinguishing feature of this hatchet is the axe head has no eye at all. The blade is made of the best quality metal (105carbon steel). Hope you will enjoy working with this tool! >> Check Price & read customer reviews <<

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet

38Costomer ReviewsPlanning for a wilderness journey? A survival hatchet is the most essential tool for a tough adventurous guy. And if you think you are in that situation, the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet could be the best choice over any other. The super slim 13-inch hatchet weighs only 1.1pounds! The most fascinating part of this hatchet is its handle which is covered by excellent grippy rubber coating that ensures it won’t slip from your hand in any condition; like, snowy, dusty or wet. Do not underestimate the effectiveness and ability of this hatchet for its little body and slim view as the weight distribution of this hatchet is made in such a way that, the mass is concentrated on its head. >> Check Price & read customer reviews <<

Estwing Steel Campers Axe

26Costomer ReviewsEstwing Steel Camper’s Axe is another most popular axe by the Estwing Steel Company; especially made for multipurpose camping tasks. Most of the campers all over the world like to keep this tool with them in camping sessions. This is just because of its amazing features and catchy specifications. High-quality metal is used to make this axe where the blade and the body are forged into one single piece to strengthen the build. >> Check Price & read customer reviews <<

True Temper Sledge Eye Super Splitter Wood

3Costomer ReviewsThe Ames True Temper Sledge Eye super splitter is one of the best wood splitters of current market. Its exclusive integrally-molded handle design distinguishes it from other ordinary wood splitters those have straight handles. Most common drawback of this straight handle is, it is less comfortable to hold and can easily slip away from hand while striking. The unique molded handle provides more comfort, enough balance, less possibility of slipping away from hand and in the same time, increasing splitting power with less weight, reducing fatigue. A FiberPro core made its handle lighter in weight while molded polypropylene cover establishes the ultimate grip and stability.

Two third of its total (lbs.) weight is concentrated on its head which assures an ideal body weight ratio that can energize maximum power in swings for wood splitters. All these features made this axe best for wood splitting as well as wood cutting tasks. >> Check Price & read customer reviews <<

Husqvarna Curved Handle Multipurpose Axe

It’s an excellent multipurpose axe for people of any height. It can suit to anyone’s hand as the handle size is 2inches and has a reasonable weight of 2.pounds. The axe works perfectly for small to mid-sized tree felling, limbing logs or even, trimming branch and roots, cleaning up bushes etc. A beautiful leather cover will also be given with the package to ensure safety and damage free storage. >> Check Price & read customer reviews <<

United Cutlery Ranger Hawk Axe With Compass

A lanyard hole at the bottom can fit paracord wraps to enrich the best gripping ability. The weight of the axe is 2.pounds; not that much heavy, as it got a long metal head. Blade edges are razor sharp and much durable. In spite of its fancy look, the axe works perfectly for breaching operations, chopping and splitting mid-range wood logs. A compass is added in the package which could be an additional utility. >> Check Price & read customer reviews <<

So, that is all about the best Mauls, best splitting axe, best tomahawks, best felling axe, best multipurpose axe and the best cutting axe reviews! Once you read this complete guide, you would be able to opt for the right kind of tool for your task. Just analyse your tasks and the requirements of the work you have to do. Then it will be easy for you to find out an appropriate kind of axe for the work.

The best tool is what, that consumes the least effort and time giving you the 100% yield according to the demands. So, that is why most of the professionals browse the information online and get the conclusive decisions about purchasing the tools. You can get your desired products from the local stores as well as on the marketing websites. Prefer the branded items to be purchased for getting the yield of your demand. Invest in the right products that serve you the best way possible.

Do not opt for the cheaper and brandless items that make you tangled with the blunt blades of the head, gripless handle and the improper length to weight ratio. Such kind of tools makes your time wasted and it consumes more effort to work with them. So, the choice is only yours now! Get the proper tools and save your time with 100 % of the yield capacity!


Both axe and hatchets are efficient especially in case of wilderness. It is very much beneficial in case of chopping wood. It is also considered as a best survival hatchet during the time of hunting. It is also used as a surviving knife. During the period of campaign the necessity of camp hatchet knew no bound. Different websites are now offering sale of hatchet for that which is mostly important here is that hatchet reviews otherwise it is not possible to buy a best hatchet with some good quality. It is now widely used in case of hunting. It helps you to keep yourself far behind from your enemies which may give you extra advantage during hunting.

Splitting Axe

Splitting axes are getting much popularity for the taller users. It brings more efficiency into the work including a heavy duty sheath. It basically generates power and split medium size to extra large size logs comparatively easier than from any other. Some of the best log splitting axes big size handle ensure more suitability for the taller user. Its unique feature permits the blade to disperse wood more easily. Best splitting axes are now available in the market with more durability that help the taller user to maximise their power in their work and split wood more easily with less time and less effort.

Survival Axe

Here you can get idea about some of the list of survival axe which is currently available in the market. Survival axe greatly helps you in chopping wood after a tornado or during the period of hunting. You can review the survival axe on this site which may enrich your knowledge regarding the quality and advantage of using survival axe. Best survival tomahawks especially can help you to protect from the enemies when you go for hunting. There is saying that survival is the best fittest but actually it should worth saying that survival with the tomahawks axe is the best fittest. In that case most of the survivor who goes to jungle or during any adverse situation such types of axes are very much helpful for them.

Camp Axe

If you ever go for a campaign you can surely hear about the camp axe as it is mostly used there. If you don’t know tension, you can get some reviews regarding the camp axe now getting popular day by day. It is not very much heavy but reliable axe. Especially during camp it is needed to build tent in that case camp axe is very essential by which one can easily make the tent. It generally weights pounds and ounce. The head of that axe is slightly thicker and customer often finds it easily moveable because during chopping some wood, the edge of the axe gets stuck in the wooden piece, halfway through.Another feature of such axe is that small children even can use such type of axe when they are establishing a camp. It is very much flexible for using with soft hand and lighter than other axes.

Ice Axe

Ice axe has some special feature of its own than from the other axes currently available in the market. It is generally available for cutting ices. As we all know that ice is generally strong and it needs to cut in that way so that it can easily be shaped according to demand. Therefore much concern is needed in that case while cutting it. In that case, some best ice axe are now available in the market which cut axes very perfectly. It can normally be compared with other general axes but its size and shape gives some different look which makes it different from other axes. Especially the countries which remain under ice for several months in a year such types of axes are very much helpful for them. It is very much beneficial especially when ice is surpassed everywhere on the rooftop of the house then such axe is very much helpful and anyone can use it in a soft hand.

Hand Axe

Hand axe is basically a human operating axe by own hand. It is mostly used for chopping wood and generally made from bamboo or wood.  It is less costly than from other axes. It is easily available in the market and all of the people are quite familiar with such types of axes. There is no huge variation in the hand axes but sometimes quality differs. It is used both by male and female and is not very heavy. It is needed to be very strong as some of the tiresome works have been done by it. It is widely used all over the world. We can consider all those axes as hand axe because all those axes need to have used by hand but the name of such axe is especially used because of its use. It is mostly used by the woodcutter in their work.

Double Bit Axe

Double bit axe is newly designed by the Americans considering the sportsmen and the military professional in their work. It is very much easy to carry and can both comfortable and durable. The lower portion of this axe is covered with rubber so that it can be easily carried and break any parts or split it very easily.

The upper portion of that axe is looking like a hammer. Its unique design mainly makes it as a sport axe which is colorfully decorated. It is also made up with genuine American steel. You can review it more from different sited before make any purchase.

Pick Axe

The main feature of the pick axe that makes it differ from the other axe is that it is both side pointed with hand tool. Its head is mainly made up of metal and handle is metal or fibreglass. It is curved slightly. The head of this axe ending in a sharp point. The effective the spike of this axe is the more effectively it can work. It is classified as digging tool and also commonly used for digging purposes. An innovative feature here is that pick axe without its handle may be used as a baton and previously used by the British Army. Normal pick axe handle is made up of ash. In former times it was made up of steel.

Fire Axe

Fire axe is generally used by the firefighters. Its head is very heavy and can be colored into different design which may help and make understand the firefighters that they are in the right track. It has a classical axe blade. One can easily review the fire axe from the net and there are currently different shops offered fire axe for sale. In that case one can easily order it online and may use it properly in their work. It is basically used in the emergency situation. For example one can find it in the luxurious ships, aero plane and train. For emergency situation it may help to rescue from fire and help the firefighters to take fire under control. It may also help people being safe from the fire. During any situation in the mid sea when there is no possibility to get escaped from the fire then it is very much essential. It is rarely in use because such types of activities require higher precaution and after that even it occurs people certainly can understand its demand.

Broad Axe

Broad axes are basically popular for its exclusive blade. Broad axe is originated from Sweden in 169and since then it is widely used all over the world. It is basically named after its angle for example we can say that left angled is for the right handed person and its right angled is for the left handed person. More importantly, its unique feature helps the user of such axes to often search for the broad axe for sale shop. One can get another exciting feature is that its angle provides extra room because the knuckles are away from the cutting line of the blade.

Tactical Axe

It is generally the upgraded version of the above axe and originated from China. It is much easier to carry and work on it is less troublesome. It is an improvement model of Vietnam Tomahawk where it is mostly used for the military and soldier reliable item. It is not made of wood so there is no risk to break it down. Its head is made up of 420 stainless steels. It is generally 1inches long and relatively slim compared to the above axes. The best tactical axes offer you doing many more works which is not properly done by the above axes like breaching doors, throwing, chopping, hacking and eve digging.

Felling Axe

If you are considering knocking down a tress you better need a feeling axe which is sharper than from the other axes with thin blade. It make job easier and faster. Less effort is required while working with the best felling axe. It has weight around 2.5-3.lbs. It also has a handle of 28-3inch which is quite big enough to work with. In that case even a small person can work with it very easily when it comes to a question of large trees. Due to its low weight it can be easily carried and cut the trees properly. That is why felling axes are getting much popularity for making stumps and lopping off the limbs of the trees.

Chopping Axe

Chopping axe is mainly used for chopping wood. However it has some clear difference with the splitting axe. Best wood chopping axe properly cut the wood fiber whereas splitting axe vertically cut the wood with single stroke but the logs are not properly positioned. In that case, chopping axe help you to cut the wood more easily and efficiently. While cutting a wood with chopping axe it is horizontally positioned with several sharp and downward strokes. It basically cut the wood fibers rather than split them apart. In that case it is differs from other axes and widely used by the woodcutters and foresters. Livelihood of the woodcutter is basically depends on proper chopping of the wood. In that case such axe may help them to earn more income from it. Besides its unique design helps people to properly shape the wood and cut vertically very easily without any defect.


Axe needs to be sharpen before it usually takes for further work because without sharpen an axe the blatant axe can’t be used for further processing. However there are several steps for sharpening an axe. In case of any damage, the best way to sharpen an axe is that it should be filed down with an emery wheel but makes sure that the steels are not over tempered. After that it needs to be cool down. Remember that the shape of the edge should not change and you need to very much careful while grinding it. In order to make the cutting age keener it can be stropped against a length of leather after honing. However the design of the axe body mainly relies on its area of use. People have to give more concentration on it because without sharp axe it become blatant and no one can use it in their work for cutting anything. There are some highly professional people who can do this job properly and also there are some other shops who may sharp the axe. Therefore, if you are not highly skilled in this job don’t take risk and may communicate with those professionals to make your axe sharp.




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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your throwing axe wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP10 of throwing axe



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