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Top 10 Best Street Soccer Balls Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated October 1, 2018
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Street Soccer Balls of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Senda Street Soccer Ball, Fair Trade Certified, Black/White

Senda Street Soccer Ball, Fair Trade Certified, Black/White
Designed with 32 panels sewn together, producing a near perfect sphere once inflated, hand stitching provides tighter and stronger seams; Intended for game play on asphalt, concrete, other rugged terrain, and hard courts
Each panel is made with rubberized materials, and therefore has a stronger grip compared to regular soccer balls; Players should be cautious when playing on hard surfaces, as the ball might be sticky when hit with the inside of the foot

The stunning design will motivate you to seize every opportunity to win. It has 32 panels sewn together producing an appealing and attractive sphere after inflation. It features hand stitching that provides stronger and tighter seams. The combination of those features makes it well adapted for playing on concrete, hard courts and rugged terrain. It has a stronger grip compared to regular soccer balls; this is aided by the rubberized materials that make up the ball. It has been equipped with three layers of polyester to give it the best spherical shape, and an inflatable latex bladder to boost the overall surface tension of the ball.


№2 – Senda- Alegre Club Soccer Ball, Fair Trade Certified

Senda- Alegre Club Soccer Ball, Fair Trade Certified
Designed with 32 panels sewn together, producing a near perfect sphere once inflated; Intended for gameplay on outdoor grass, outdoor turf and indoor turf
Each panel is made with 1.0 mm premium synthetic leather and is hand stitched which provides tighter and stronger seams

With 32 panels sewn together, the intended gameplay becomes a reality once the ball starts rolling. Perfect for outdoor grass and outdoor turf, this ball will surely make your dream come true. Each panel is made up of premium synthetic, and a real person does the stitching for a tight and stronger seams. Other features include four layers of polyester and cotton hybrid to help the ball retain its shape and have the perfect bounce and an inflatable bladder which is butyl mad to give it a consistent pressure level longer.


№3 – KixFriction Soccer Training Ball-Great Street Soccer Ball Too – Sharpen Soccer Skills and Drills

KixFriction Soccer Training Ball-Great Street Soccer Ball Too – Sharpen Soccer Skills and Drills
The KixFriction ball’s patented design is both a marvel of design and craftsmanship: 92 heavy-duty butyl rubber flaps are individually hand-sewn between every panel – Yes, people will ask you about it.
See what Amazon customers are saying about the KixFriction ball in the description. The revolutionary design helps players develop ball control, juggling agility, crisp passing, and solid ball striking; unlike any soccer trainer out there (Official size soccer ball).

This ball is a quality guaranteed soccer ball that helps you improve the skills by building improved goal kick strength and an enhanced and a more aggressive passing. Due to its charming design, it is the best soccer trainer that gives you the best foot skills. When kicked through the air it goes about half the average distance, this feature itself helps you to have an accurate and a more powerful strike.


№4 – Adidas Performance off Pitch Sala Soccer Ball FUTS

Adidas Performance off Pitch Sala Soccer Ball FUTS
Futsal, the official indoor game of FIFA and UEFA, is played worldwide using low bouncing balls
Low rebound offers enhanced ball Control
Machine stitched construction and internal nylon wound carcass for maximum durability and long-lasting performance

This machine stitched ball has a nylon-wound carcass for maximum durability and long lasting. Has a low rebound that offers an enhanced baseball contour. The ball is specially sized fustal/ sala size. It is one of the best balls for training for great matches. Internally it has a butyl bladder with the best air retention to help it stay inflated for a longer time. This soccer ball is the best training gear for those who intend to fine tune and upgrade their level of soccer. sIt is the official soccer ball for Futsal, which is the main indoor game of FIFA and UEFA.


№5 – Ultra-Durable Soccer Ball

Ultra-Durable Soccer Ball
Ultra-durable soccer ball outlasts traditional inflated balls
Never needs a pump, never goes flat even when punctured
Our futbol is built to withstand the harshest environments

This ultra-durable soccer ball never needs a pump and never goes flat even when punctured.it is built to last through the ages by withstanding the harshest environments. It plays tough on grass and turf too. You cannot distinguish it from the normal soccer ball unless you have a kick it and experience the accuracy and the toughness in, it. It is available in different sizes, adult size 55 and the youth size It becomes the art of the street soccer balls in the sense that every purchase helps to sponsor the youth’s disadvantaged communities worldwide.


№6 – SISM Americana -Panna Street Soccer Ball

SISM Americana -Panna Street Soccer Ball
The best if it’s kind worldwide and the street ball of choice for tournaments and events.
The Soccer in Slow Motion professional “Panna” street soccer ball is the best of its kind worldwide and the official ball for street soccer tournaments around the wolrd. There are generic balls and then there is the SISM Street Weapon.

What makes this soccer ball be the best of its kind is that it has proved to cater adequately for the needs during tournaments and events. This street weapon designed for that person who is much dedicated to soccer and will do anything to perfect their career at any cost. The engineering behind this ball is that it has an inner bladder that holds the air better than its entire competitor. Designed with a smooth design, it solves the challenges for panned challenges and ground move obstacles. Designed for all surfaces and this street soccer balls will surely deliver you to the next level and sees you through to the other side of victory.


№7 – SISM Street Weapon -Pro Street Soccer Ball

SISM Street Weapon -Pro Street Soccer Ball
The best if it’s kind worldwide and the street ball of choice for tournaments and events.
The Soccer in Slow Motion professional street soccer ball is the best of its kind worldwide as we’ve taken our street soccer experience and developed a better ball. You’ll find it used in Dublin, Ireland by “Mini Messi”, a young 10yr old phenom already signed to Manchester United’s Centre of Excellence academy program as well as by some of the top street pros here in the USA. We’ve gone the extra step with a special custom embossed rubber exterior with SISM Street right into the texture.

The ball has a perfect adaptation for all kinds of training grounds. It has a rubber exterior embossed SISM Street making it the best low bounce ball ever. It takes care for all your new styles and tricks by having an excellent grip compared to the regular soccer balls. It assures you of complete dominance in the football Arena.


№8 – Soccer Innovations Street Soccer Ball, Multicolor, Size 5

Soccer Innovations Street Soccer Ball, Multicolor, Size 5
Graffiti colors make this ball a sensation!
Textured outer casing as seen on the high end soccer balls.
Size 5

This street soccer ball has been made from a dual technology, which allows the ball to be water proof and withstand all the weather conditions and therefore can last through the ages while delivering the best training to our youths. The material that makes up the bladder restricts it from becoming larger than the necessary size. This textured material gives the ball extra durability. The graffiti design makes this street ball look more stunning while delivering the best results.


№9 – GOLME Primer Soft-Touch Soccer Ball

GOLME Primer Soft-Touch Soccer Ball
Soft-Touch design inspires confidence and ensures fun play for all ages
Thermoformed smooth-seam shell for easy control and accurate flight
Hassle-free butyl bladder stays inflated for weeks, not days

This soccer ball boasts a soft touch design inspires your confidence and assures you of fun play that is meant to last forever. It has a thermoformed seam that shells it for easy control and accuracy. The bladder its butyl in nature and therefore keeps inflated for weeks giving you a breathtaking experience in that soccer arena. The TPU technology makes this ball more durable than other ordinary soccer balls. Additionally, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.


№10 – Senda Playa Beach Soccer Ball, Fair Trade Certified, Orange/Yellow

Senda Playa Beach Soccer Ball, Fair Trade Certified, Orange/Yellow
Best-in-class beach soccer ball featuring a 6-panel design and soft TPU cover for improved barefoot play
Hi-tech machine stitched construction for tighter and stronger seams with a 5mm foam backing for softer touch
Rubber bladder for extended air retention

This one tops our list, and the design explains it all. With the number of panels reduced, the ball is soft and resistant to abrasion suitable for barefoot play common with street soccer. Each panel is professionally hand-stitched making it durable and well adapted to the harshest conditions. It features four layers of polyester and cotton hybrid linings placed between the shell and the bladder to assist the ball in retaining its shape and a more accurate kick and bounce. It truly deserves to be the best street soccer ball of our time.



The number of panels determines how the ball moves through the air as well as how much control the players have. Generally, a ball with more panels will be more controllable and playable. The number of panels on a soccer ball varies, but a 32-panel ball remains the most common and is used in most professional matches. Other designs include 18- and 26-panel.


The quality of a soccer ball can be determined by the stitching. High-end balls are hand-stitched, which provides deeper seams that are consistent and protected. This enhances the playability and durability of the outer layer of the ball. Also featured on high-end balls is a process called thermal bonding. Thermally bonded soccer balls use a special adhesive that replaces stitching altogether, creating a smoother, seamless surface for increased accuracy, water resistance and durability. Mid-priced and low end balls are machine-stitched, which is a quick and inexpensive method that leaves the seams consistent but completely exposed, leaving them susceptible to stretching and tearing. If money isn’t a concern, you should choose a ball that is hand-sewn. No ball is as durable or easy to use than one with hand-stitched panels.


Multiple layers of lining are often placed between the cover and the bladder. These layers are usually composed of polyester, nylon, and/or cotton bonded together to give the ball strength, structure, and bounce. Promotional or practice balls are often constructed with less layers of lining. Many soccer balls include a foam layer for added cushioning and ball control.


The bladder is the inside part of the ball that holds air and gives the ball shape and movement. Bladders are usually made from latex or butyl. The latter retains air for longer periods of time and offers an excellent combination of contact quality and air retention. Latex bladders are softer, provide better surface tension and feel, and are preferred at higher levels, but require frequent inflation. *Soccer balls should be inflated with to 10.pounds of air. Any more or less could damage the ball and affect your play.

Match Balls

Designed for use in soccer matches, match balls usually have an association imprinted on them, like NFHS (National Federation of State High School), or “FIFA Approved” or “FIFA Inspected.” Match balls are the most expensive type of ball since they are made with the best materials and offer the softest touch and truest flight path.

Fortunately you’ve just landed on the right page!

Not only will this article show and give you some great tips on how to choose the best soccer balls but I and my team have also personally selected and reviewed the best soccer balls of 201just for you! right below and our

My Experience

Eusébio was Benfica’s and Portugal’s biggest soccer star

I even tried out and attended training at a major soccer club in Portugal.

One of the greatest, most famous and well-known teams in Europe and worldwide.

The very same team where the legendary Eusébio used to play and where he became one of biggest and most shining soccer stars in the World.

My love for soccer.

I kept on playing at school, in the street, in small local tournaments and even in competitions.

I tried tons of different balls and lots of different soccer styles: futsal, street soccer, indoor soccer, beach soccer and so on.

So I guess I know a thing or two about soccer and soccer balls. 🙂

You just need to play it!

There are tens of thousand of soccer ball options, each for a particular occasion or soccer variant, but how do you choose the best soccer ball?

To help you choose your best soccer ball, teaching and showing you some of the best tips on how to to do it.


You just don’t get to a store shelf and pick any ball, you should buy something that its value is equivalent to the price you are paying. A good ball is the one that has been tested and approved by the body responsible for whatever level of ball you are seeking.

The Construction Of The Ball

An outdoor match ball is not constructed the same way as an indoor ball. So, you should know the features you are looking for in a ball before buying it. It will be disappointing to buy a ball meant for the street, yet it is designed for the beach.


It used to be that leather footballs were the standard, but that is no longer the case. Today, most soccer balls feature covers or casings made of polyurethane—or PU as it is often called in football circles. PU coverings are soft and lively on the field, offering a touch and feel that players love. These footballs bounce well and afford players a lot of power and control. As the most responsive type of soccer ball on the market, PU-coated balls tend to be the most popular for competitive use.


As with every other type of soccer gear—from jerseys to boots and beyond—quality footballs can come from a number of different manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a general use training ball or a soccer ball branded to match the colors and logos of your favorite football club, brands like Le Coq Sportif, Umbro, and Puma are a few of the manufacturers you might consider researching. As with Premier League and La Liga jerseys, though, the soccer ball industry is ruled largely by two different manufacturers: Nike and Adidas. These two brands make visually stunning and meticulously constructed soccer balls of all sizes, for every level of training or competition. At Soccer Box, the majority of our footballs come from Nike or Adidas.

As you can see, there is quite a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right soccer ball! By considering all of the above elements, however, you should be able to find a football that is the right size, has the right feel, comes from a trusted brand, and fits right into your price range.

New Artificial Turf

Suggested Shoes: Nike Vapor IX AG, Nike Trequartista III AG

As the game grows around the world, more and more fields are switching to artificial turf, primarily because it provides a consistent surface year round with little maintenance required. Recently, we have started to see the best of the best turfs providing ball movement that mimics a top quality FG surface. Companies have started to adjust to the switch and are starting to create their own unique soleplate configurations to suit the surface. For example, Nike has its own AG soleplate that has received a lot of acclaim and positive reviews. If you can find an AG, they are well worth testing out. But realistically, you can easily wear an FG soleplate with little to no problems. I have read several

Lining the cover material

Sheets of synthetic leather are backed with several layers of cloth, to strengthen the material. The sheets are fed through a press that applies a latex adhesive and attaches the cloth. Material for a cheaper ball will receive a two-layer backing. A sturdier, more expensive ball will have four layers of cloth attached.

Goal United Pro

Are you a tinkerman, a mad footballing scientist or an astute professor of management? Goal United Pro lets you find out. It’s suitable if you want to get into a football management sim but are intimidated by sheer number of options presented by Football Manager-styled games.

It’s played in your browser, meaning you don’t have to commit to it for hours on end; but it’s not limited in scope. You’ll need to control every aspect of the team: buying and selling players, sorting out a training plan, picking a starting line-up and deciding how to rotate your squad for those all important cup games.

Frozen Cortex

Alright, so this one isn’t a traditional soccer game like most entries on this list, but it’s too fun to pass up. Frozen Cortex plays much more like the American definition of football (with a bit of rugby thrown in the mix), involving two teams of robots on a futuristic sci-fi-inspired pitch.

The game is turn-based, which gives it a unique flavor compared to FIFA and other continuous football games. You’re tasked with laying out waypoints for your players to follow, with each turn ending when an action happens – like when pass is intercepted or a point is scored.

New Star Soccer

You may have come across New Star Soccer as a mobile app, but did you know that you can also play it on your PC? That’s right: when you’re not rising up the league tables on the bus, in the dentist’s waiting lounge or on the loo at work, you can do it at the comfort of your desk.

Like previous versions, New Star Soccer uses a Sensible Soccer-esque top-down view. But instead of live action, the game plays out several scenarios that you have to succeed at to win the game. They can include bending a free kick around a wall, Beckham-style, sliding a perfectly-angled pass to a team-mate or intercepting a sly diagonal through-ball.

Players start out at 16-years-old and progress as you go on, so there’s little chance of completing the game in a hurry. By the end of it you’ll have bought them private jets, taken them to casinos and even taught them to ride horses. You might have even won a few football games too.

Nice heritage look

The Tiempo has existed in one form or another since 198and is for every player who favours comfort over frills. Quality and classic design, geared around control and comfort, are the timeless hallmarks here.

Nevertheless there are a couple of interesting tweaks to this iteration of the classic Nike Tiempo Legend, with the vacuum-pressed quilting and microfibre midfoot cage still capable of turning many an more ‘mature’ head.

Quite tight

In a hurry? The glove-like Techfit technology of the silver Adidas X Euro 201moulds straight onto your foot, so there’ll be no blisters this summer.

This boot was a mainstay for Adidas-sponsored players at the European Championships in France, and is crammed full of the latest build innovations, most notably a completely redesigned sole plate featuring studs configured specifically for acceleration.

Very good for speedy players

Nike’s showpiece boot for its pedigree players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Alexis Sanchez and Anthony Martial, this is the ultimate speed silo.

If speed is – or was – your strength, then you’ll feel right at home in these ergonomically engineered slippers. They’ve been designed for touch, fit and traction, but you’ll need to pack the rest, we’re afraid.

Good for speed

Worn by speedy wingers Jesus Navas and Adnan Januzaj, the New Balance Furon is engineered for when you need to put the afterburners on. Made from New Balance’s lightweight Fantom Fit upper construction, the boot fuses a lightweight mesh upper with an ultra-thin supportive synthetic layer in the mid-foot area for more stability.

A stiffened sole plate gives increased energy return and unparalleled acceleration, while ultra directional studs further boost straight-line speed. Then when your pacey winger does get to the box or byline ahead of schedule, the boot’s Burrito Tongue gives him a large sweet spot from which to take aim with.

Good shock support

Having broken ground with the first ever boots to feature a fully laceless design back in 2002, the Zhero Gravity VII represent a complete design overhaul as the first in the series to feature regular laces – making it work better with different foot shapes.

The new upper is made from a single-piece Kurim foot shell to ensure power and 360-degree ball control while the introduction of an elevated foot support and a shock-off heel insert work to quell force of impact. In addition, Lotto’s new Puntoflex system is included in the forefoot to provide better elastic return when running, helping you use power and energy efficiently.

Not durable

Weighing in at only 10grams, the new Puma evoSPEED Superlight is Puma’s lightest football boot ever. With an ultra-thin textile upper that provides an almost barefoot touch on the ball, the boot is so specialised and delicate that it is designed for use on real grass and in fair weather only and in theory will give you just games before it needs replacing.

Speed is the name of the game as the brand’s laser-cut SPEEDFRAME system harnesses the foot in key areas when accelerating and turning under heavy pressure, and the soleplate features a mixture of conical and bladed studs for instant traction and acceleration.

On the plus side, this is now about a third of its original RRP, if you shop around.

Different panels perform different functions

Mizuno’s Wave Ignitus boots have a reputation for being innovative, and last year’s eagerly anticipated third installment was no different.

Three different panels on the instep perform different functions: Mukaiten (‘non-spin’) creates an unpredictable flight pattern for the ball, and is designed to throw the keeper off; Tatekaiten (‘top-spin’) creates vicious amounts of dip; and Yokokaiten (‘side-spin’) gives players more controlled curl. They’re lighter and more supportive than ever.




How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Street Soccer Balls by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Street Soccer Balls wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP10 of Street Soccer Balls



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about Street Soccer Balls is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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