Top 10 Best Standing Desks Reviewed In 2017

Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Standing Desks of 2017 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



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№1 – Safco products Muv Stand-up Adjustable height computer workstation

Safco products Muv Stand-up Adjustable height computer workstation
Stand-up adjustable height 35″ to 49″H computer workstation desk
Durable 3/4″ melamine laminate work surface 29 1/2″W x 19 3/4″D, adjustable keyboard 22 3/4″W x 13 1/2″D and 2 lower shelves
Decorative molded side panels hide computer cables and cords

It is one of high range standing desks, offering some of the ideal features for comfortable and enjoyable operations. Being adjustable, one can use it on various occasions like in class, laboratory, and workplaces. The desk measures 39-45 inches high, and can be adjusted up to 1 inch. Shelves ate beautiful with keyboard enabled retractable shelf. It has four shelves thus allowing more space for appliances storage. Health wise, it offers a chance of burning excess fat by providing a chance of standing rather than working while seated all day.


№2 – 40″ Black Shelves Mobile Ergonomic Stand Up Desk Computer Workstation

40″ Black Shelves Mobile Ergonomic Stand Up Desk Computer Workstation
This innovative standing desk promotes better posture, reduced back and neck pain, a thinner waist line and increased productivity
Height of lower and upper shelves adjusts at 1″ increments
The two tier shelf design puts your monitor at the proper viewing height and the keyboard and mouse at the proper working height

There is no need to worry with this desk. It is designed to keep you healthy while enjoying highly innovative features. One of the advantages is eliminated back pains and health body. The two upper shelves are wide enough to hold a monitor and a keyboard comfortably. They are adjustable up to 1 inch. Besides being broad, shelves are designed to keep the screen strategically that no straining when working. Movement of the desk is smooth as it has 3-furniture inches cluster and locking brakes.


№3 – 40″ Mobile Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk with Monitor Mount

40″ Mobile Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk with Monitor Mount
Overall dimension: 39.25” W X 28.5” D X 28.75–42.75” H
Standing desk height adjusts in 1” increments from 28.75”–42.75” H
Adjustable monitor mount includes tilt and swivel function; holds up to a 24” monitor with a max height capacity of 25 lbs

At number eight, it is another advanced working station boasting state of the art technology. The desk is designed with many health benefits such as improved body posture, mitigating of back and neck pain and reducing body fat. The monitor is mounted on a frame making it adjustable to ideal height. Shelves are broad, and mobility is eased through 3 inches furniture and two locking brakes. It ANSI/BIFMA certified.


№4 – The Original Stand Steady Desk

The Original Stand Steady Desk
GET HEALTHY: The Stand Steady sits on top of your existing desk or cubicle, converting it into a standing desk, so you can start standing right away!
LARGE DESKTOP: The 24 inch x 20 inch desktop is large enough for your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and coffee. Plus, you gain over 3 sq ft of space below it for a printer, files or other items.

The steady stand desk offers a great innovation, having featured in many journals due to it health benefits. They include increased productivity and improved posture. When it comes to structure construction steady desk, usually rest on the top of existing bench. The top platform can accommodate a large desktop monitor keyboard and other assortments. Below platform can support other appliances like printers and the rest. Top shelve measures 24?25 inches, 18?15 footprints and an adjustable height of 11.25 inches. Legs are made of aluminum while the feet have non-skid rubbers.


№5 – Executive Stand Steady Standing Desk – Stand up Desk Converter – Holds Two Monitors

Executive Stand Steady Standing Desk – Stand up Desk Converter – Holds Two Monitors
TALLER DESIGN: We’ve heard your feedback and would like to introduce our new TALLER Executive Standing Desk! With 6 preset heights, your new desk can now adjust from 12 inches to 18 inches. We’ve tested it in our office and this is a perfect range if you are 5’4” to 6’ 7”.

The stand steady rests on the top of an existing desk. It enables the platform conversion from sitting to standing desk. This improves the health benefits. On the top platform, it offers a large area 32?22 inches allowing it to accommodate up to two screens. Below shelve is 4.5 Square feet thus ideal for holding other essential accessories. It is adjustable up to 11.25 inches and footprint measures 28?19 inches. Legs are made of aluminum and have a non-skidding rubber. It is easy to assemble as it takes just 5 minutes.


№6 – Ergotron Workfit-D Sit-Stand Desk

Ergotron Workfit-D Sit-Stand Desk
Patented CF technology allows instantaneous, tool-free, non-motorized re-positioning while you work.
Safe and easy to use
Designed to meet North American and European ergonomic standards

Once you own the desk, there are many privileges to be enjoyed. First, it is used when standing or seated (switching mode). There is no worry about tripping as it comes with integrated brake system. Operations are made more efficient via manual operation to avoid disruptions when working. The platform can be customized depending on one’s needs. The working station is made with durable material to achieve a long life. The working surface measures 47.6?23.5 inches.


№7 – Ergotron WorkFit-S 33-341-200 Dual Sit-Stand Workstation

Ergotron WorkFit-S 33-341-200 Dual Sit-Stand Workstation
Helps counteract the harmful effects of increasingly sedentary work styles
Promotes proper ergonomic positioning and a sit-stand work routine
Get affordable ergonomics

This platform is highly customizable. It comes with fabulous features; it can hold two independently adjustable LCD screens. It is possible to adjust each screen height to achieve desired ergonomic comfort. This platform is made of heavy-duty materials as it can support up to 14lbs. Adjustable height is 23 inches while enjoying a 360? rotation. Heath wise it offers a choice of either to work while seated or while standing there maximizing the output.


№8 – 48″ Crank Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Up Desk with Heavy Duty Steel Frame (Black Shelves / Silver Frame)

48″ Crank Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Up Desk with Heavy Duty Steel Frame (Black Shelves / Silver Frame)
This innovative adjustable height stand up desk promotes better posture, reduced back and neck pain, a thinner waist line and increased productivity
Easily adjusts from sitting to standing with a smooth crank adjustment from 28-7/8” – 42-5/8” (lower surface) and 33-1/2” – 47-1/4” (upper surface)

With this high-class standing desk, your health is guaranteed. No back pain, no neck pain and no posture distortion. It is very easy to transform this working station from a sitting one to a standing desk just with a simple crank adjustment. The top platform is broad enough; 47 inches to hold a desktop comfortably. Top shelve is 16 inches deep and bottom one 14 inches deep. Two shelves are 4.625 inches apart, allowing a two tiers system thus enabling proper housing of monitor and keyboard. It is ANSI/BIFMA certified.


№9 – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – VARIDESK Pro Plus 30

Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – VARIDESK Pro Plus 30
This innovative adjustable height stand up desk promotes better posture, reduced back and neck pain, a thinner waist line and increased productivity
Easily adjusts from sitting to standing with a smooth crank adjustment from 28-7/8” – 42-5/8” (lower surface) and 33-1/2” – 47-1/4” (upper surface)

Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – VARIDESK Pro Plus 30 is a sophisticated standing desk, designed for people with limited space. It has two tiers offering an ideal space for monitor and keyboard. To ensure maximum comfort, it is adjustable in 11 ways. It is very fast in adjustability 3 seconds at the same time having a lifting capacity of up to 35pounds.
To view this product on Amazon, click on the link below


№10 – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – VARIDESK Pro Plus 36
VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 standing desk is designed to accommodate those with dual-monitor setups or larger workspace needs
The two-tier design gives you an upper display surface for your monitor, and a spacious lower keyboard and mouse deck
Height-adjustable to 11 different positions for ergonomic comfort. Remains sturdy and stable even when fully extended

The desk is meant for people with larger spaces, having the capacity to accommodate two LCD screens. Some of the features include two tiers for the accommodation of monitors and keyboards. The platform has massive power support up to 35pounds at the same time maintaining a speed of 3second. Adjustability is 11 ways regarding the height. Upon order, it comes fully assembled.


From Executive Office Solutions

These options may save you money, but they are slightly inconvenient. Every time that you want to switch from sitting to standing, you have to lift your laptop and/or keyboard on top of the riser, and attach the keyboard.

The Right Desk for You

Just as endless sitting can be detrimental to your health, standing for long periods can be hard on your legs, lower back, and feet. The solution, say experts, is to frequently alternate between standing and sitting—which is why there are several types of standing desks available.

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Patent-Pending Internal Cable Routing: 

Unlike traditional systems, LifeSpan’s industry-exclusive internal cable management system directs all power cords down to the floor through the desk’s frame, organizing cords to promote safety and refined appearances.

Digital Keypad

An integrated keypad allows for swift height changes and convenient memory presets. The LED display shows the current height, while an intuitive keypad allows for precise alterations for proper standing desk ergonomics. Four customizable height presets come standard, ensuring the proper posture for each task.

StandDesk Simple

While this may not be the most exciting ‘build your own’ option you’ve ever encountered, the StandDesk Simple desk’s easy to navigate purchasing options will allow you to get exactly what you want for the price you are looking for.

You can pick up this adjustable standing desk with no desktop, or choose from a series of stained bamboo tops. This means you can pick your favorite or even try your hand at cobbling together your own desktop with some power tools. Other additions you can make to the electronically controlled standing desk include a cable management tray for all those wires, a stabilizing bar for more of a firm workspace, a memory handset for quick adjustments, and rolling casters for maximum mobility in the workplace. The latter pick may get you into trouble if you allow yourself to run around with it, but for the most part these all serve as great additions that you can take or leave at your own leisure.


Simple, capable, and elegant, the MILK desk is the pinnacle of cool when it comes to adjustable standing desks. Designed and manufactured in Denmark by Homris, this desk features a large, thick slab for the work surface and a single column in the back that supports it. Along with the adjustability of the surface, it features four compartments along the side that can serve as storage for everything from pens, to notebooks, and even an aquarium if that is your inclination. The desk comes in three different sizes ranging from 4inches by 5inches by 32, and can even come in custom colorways

The 1Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

Five months ago

We added a very affordable cardboard option, the Ergodriven Spark, as a beginner’s option, or for tight spaces or budgets. We also reaffirmed the Kangaroo Pro Junior as the best desktop conversion option, after testing four others.

One year ago

After panel-testing three more adjustable-height standing desks—bringing our total to 16—we still like the Fully (formerly Ergo Depot) Jarvis Bamboo for most people because it offers a sturdy and reliable build, has lots of customization options, and comes with good customer service. We can’t recommend the other desks we tested, with one exception: The Uplift Stand Up Desk has a solid frame, and it has features, a warranty, and price near the Jarvis, and it has a few more interesting desktop options.

Two years ago

Fully (formerly Ergo Depot) has changed the design of the Jarvis Bamboo’s frame since we last tested it, flipping the lifting columns so that the large end is on the bottom, strengthening the feet, and revising the crossbar. The new Jarvis has much less front-to-back wobble at its full height than either the old Jarvis or the much more expensive NextDesk Terra does. It’s the sturdiest standing desk we’ve ever tested, and its price is now lower than ever, so it remains our pick.

How we picked and tested

Adjustable sit/stand desks come in three general types: hand-cranked, hydraulic/pneumatic, and electronic. Hand-cranked desks are only slightly less expensive than electronic, a pain to work with, and prone to load-imbalance issues. Hydraulic desks like the Humanscale Float are quiet and elegant, but they cost as much as high-end electronic desks, lack any sort of preset height options, and can’t hold as much weight. We have focused on electronic desks since we first started testing in 2012, because they’re the most popular, reliable, and cost-effective adjustable desks and can hold several hundred pounds.

Generally, in assessing newer electronic standing desks, we considered how they compared with our standing pick, the Fully Jarvis Bamboo, in features, specifications, and price. Some of those desks ended up being dismissed before testing began.

Almost nobody has owned a modern standing desk with electronically controlled lifts for five years or more, so reliability and durability are something we have to extrapolate from customer reviews and day-to-day use.

A good standing desk should accommodate as wide a range of human heights as possible. Any desk can hit the middle of the bell curve, but a good desk should be usable by just about everyone.

The most important thing in a quality adjustable desk is stability. A solid standing desk should not wobble from front to back or from side to side at any height. It should raise and lower as smoothly as possible, without unpleasant noises or shudders. Beyond wobble, there’s a feeling of balance, especially when a monitor is attached to an arm or a laptop is on a stand on the desk. It’s hard to quantify, but it’s easy to feel when you think about your expensive equipment. It is, essentially, a back-of-mind fear that “this whole thing feels like it could go right over if someone bumped it the wrong way.” Most desks we tested avoided that, but not all of them.

With those parameters in mind, and after looking into the leading companies, we brought in three new desks to try in the summer of 2016: the Autonomous SmartDesk (no longer sold in the configuration we tried), an Evodesk, and an Uplift Standing Desk. We tested these desks alongside our pick (the Fully Jarvis) in CoworkBuffalo, offering standing desks to an enthusiastic set of standing workers. We configured each desk to match as closely as possible the same configuration: a 60-inch-wide bamboo top (or nearest equivalent), wire-management cutouts if available, and a programmable controller. We asked each person to rotate desks each day, and, after a few hours of sit/stand shifts, to compare each desk’s stability and adjustability with that of the others.

The Great Buffalo Wall of Adjustable-Height Desks. Photo: Kevin Purdy

In the winter of 2017, we took a fresh look at desktop conversion units, which add an adjustable-height workspace to your regular desk. As with desks, stability is paramount, especially when the platform is weighed down with a keyboard, a mouse, and a laptop or a monitor. (We focused on models with VESA mounts for attaching monitors, but most companies also have versions for laptops or non-mountable monitors). It also matters how gracefully a conversion unit lowers back down to a desk. It’s all too easy to shuffle something underneath your keyboard tray or have something fall over into that shadowed space while you’re standing. A conversion desk that lowers too fast, without your firm control, can easily cost you a cracked screen or a broken mug.

We tested three variants of the Adapt by Uplift: one freestanding and two clamp-based. We also set up and tested the freestanding and clamp-mounted versions of the Duke converter by Beyond the Office Door, and we re-tested our longtime desktop converter pick, the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior. from Fully

Flaws but not dealbreakers

Most of the issues you might encounter with the Jarvis, or any standing desk, come from human error. With our writers and editors having built more than a dozen standing desks, we know that, as with all assemble-it-yourself furniture, early errors like loose or too-tight screws or misaligned bolts can compound as you move on. But a few other quirks might arise regardless of how you set it up.

Like most standing desks in its price range, the lifting motors in the Jarvis’s legs can drift slightly out of alignment with each other after many uses, causing sounds or vibrations. Most of these issues can be fixed with the desk’s reset procedure (lowering all the way and pressing a button for a few seconds).

We recommend a particular Jarvis setup—bamboo, rectangular 60-inch desktop, memory-enabled console—because we think it’s the best value in the line. The laminate tops, though cheaper, are thick, heavy, and not too attractive. Most of the accessories for the Jarvis are not custom-built for the desk, just conveniently packaged with your shipment. If you want fewer wires exposed on your desktop, add grommeted cable-routing cutouts to your desktop or use good, affordable cable-management tools.

Start Slowly And Work Your Way Up

It takes some time for your mind and body to adjust to the new way of working. Start by standing for just an hour or two per day. Then as you become more accustomed to standing, slowly increase the amount of time that you are standing.

If the desk is for you and you only …

If the desk is to be used by two or a few people …

If the desk will be used in a workplace or common area …

In this case, you need to consider that employees may come and go, and that the desk may also be used by different people doing different tasks or working different shifts. You never know how tall or short a user may be, and you can’t be sure of the type of work they may perform, so you need the greatest amount of adjustment range you can justify. Since populations vary in height from country to country, region to region, it’s important that your selection will fit your particular population characteristics. If you’re purchasing or making recommendations for a corporation, government or institution, you may want to review Sit vs. Stand: Who Benefits from Sit-to-Stand Workstations?

Desk Depth

Don’t skimp on desk depth, meaning the front-to-back tabletop distance as you face the desk. Most desks are available with at least a 30” depth, which is adequate for most users. Anything less will force the monitor closer to the user, which may impact visual preferences and capabilities, potentially reducing visual performance and inviting eye strain or discomfort.

Noise Considerations

Electric adjustable desks utilize small electrical motors, and some models are louder than others. If the desk will be used in the home, small office or a private area, noise is typically not a concern. However, if the desk will be in a public or open work area, consider the effect adjustment noise may have on co-workers or customers. None produce “deafening” volumes, of course, so this consideration is a matter of preference.

The Solution

It would be irrational to think everyone has the money, resources or space to have two separate desks: one to stand and one to sit. There are many ways of addressing this problem. For myself, I created a DIY sit-stand desk (above) where I worked with someone to help construct a “shelf” to allow me to physically change my desk from sitting to standing.

Easy Exercises To Help You Stay Fit At Your Desk

Staying fit at your desk is actually possible. Here are some exercises anyone can do. Some don’t even require getting up, others take no longer than minutes out of your daily routine.

Read More. If it’s lunch time, walk to the sandwich shop. If you’re the social type, bring a friend. If you’re home for the day, do some chores, go for a run. Just move and do something active, even if it’s walking around indoors.

Spending Too Much Money

Now this may seem to clash against everything this article is about. You may have interpreted everything I said as, “I need to by a dual monitor mount and/or laptop mount, a motorized height-adjustable desk, and a wireless keyboard and mouse (because all I have is a laptop). But that’s not enough – I need to buy better shoes, a standing mat, an exercise bike—-” Alright, I’m stopping you there. I did not say you had to buy the bike! But everything else is totally up to you. If you find a better, more affordable way to put your standing desk together without spending a fortune, go for it! These are simply the guidelines to follow to ensure that you keep your health in mind.

Just get creative, like this person did (below). Note that the positioning of the laptop and keyboard do promote proper posture.

I didn’t spend a whole lot of money when I created my sit-stand workstation, as I was (and still am) on a tight budget. The whole point here is you don’t have to or need to spend a lot of money. It can be done the right way for less. It may take more time and not look as nice as a souped-up workstation with all the bells and whistles, but if what you need is functionality and not so much aesthetics, then considering a less expensive option shouldn’t be out of the question.

I have even figured out how to create a couple of makeshift desks as I’ve been traveling around. The one on the left is at my dad’s house while visiting home and the one on the right is at a friend’s I’ve been visiting for a month.


The CubeFit TerraMat is another example of a good standing desk balance mat. This mat also gives you a lot of different options of ways to use it.  My favorite feature on this mat is the balance bar on the front of the mat with nubs in it for massaging your feet.

The dimensions of the Cube TerraMatare are 30.from front to back x 27.wide x 3.inches at its highest point. I could not find out exactly what this mat is made out of but the material provides the same sort of firm spongy feel as a flat anti fatigue mat. some of the best Standing desk balance boards.  Fluid Stance Balance Boards

Fluid stance boards were specifically designed for use with a standing desk.

Fluid stance offers a few different models of balance boards but they all have a similar design that will allow you to rock from side to side, from heel to toe and twist the board.  Allowing you to work on those movements will make this board a bit more work to use so this board is good for someone who wants a more challenging board that will offer a greater range of possible movements to use with their standing desk balance board.

The fluid stance boards are the most expensive boards made for use with a standing desk so it may be a good idea to try and convince your company to pay the bill.

The Plane by FluidStance – Premium Motion Board – Standing Desk Balance Board – Designed to Keep the Body Moving – Improve Balance – Enhance Focus without Disrupting Workflow (Storm)

Standup desk with Swinging Footrest Bar

4The price of this product is less when compared to other stand up desk with footrest bars. They come with adjustable height settings so that anyone can use this by adjusting the height as per he/she needs.

The footrest bar that comes swinging comes with five/eight inches in diameter and twenty inches in footrest area. With the help of this, children or members using this can access an enormous amount of energy, and they can engage in any motion continuously.

Computer Stand Up Desk with Footrest Bar from Echowalt

3Echowalt is one of the leading manufacturers who are famous for their high-grade quality materials used in their incorporated products. This standup desk comes with a back panel for the storage purpose.

You can keep your legs on the footrest bar, and as it is swinging, you can feel the fun and activeness in the work you do. The footrest bar is noise free, and this is one of the major advantages of the product.

The weight of this stands-up desk is about 6lbs and comes with a dimension of 35X23X4inches.  You can easily adjust the height settings so that the person with any height can use it without any chaos.

The footrest bar comes with a noise-free option, and you can feel the natural movement as you stand at the desk.

Height Adjustment

Standing desks come in two types when categorized according to height adjustment: fixed and adjustable-height desks.

Fixed-height standing desks are usually much cheaper than adjustable-height desks, but they offer less customization. If you buy a fixed-height desk that doesn’t align with your height, you’ll be ergonomically disadvantaged.

Adjustable-height desks are, just as their name suggest, adjustable. The advantage with this is that different people can use the same desk – something that’s simply impossible with fixed-height desks. You can also set them to the exact height you require, ensuring that you’re always at your ergonomic best.

Manual vs. Electric

If you’ve decided to go for an adjustable-height standing desk, you’ll need to choose between a manual and an electric desk.

Electric adjustable-height standing desks are costlier, but they offer much more convenience and functionality. They also occupy a spectrum of functionality, with some of the more expensive ones even featuring the ability to be hooked up to a treadmill to create a treadmill desk.

Manual height-adjustable standing desks require a bit of cranking and aren’t as fancy as their electric counterparts, but they get the job done well enough.

Add-ons and Attachments

If you want to test out a standing desk without investing much money, you can go for standing desk add-ons and attachments. These are nifty platforms that you attach to your normal desk which allow you to use your traditional desk as a standing desk.

Later on, if you find the concept a worthy one, you can go all in and buy a complete standing desk, or you can continue using the add-on if you like it!

In fact, all the desks we’re looking at today are add-ons that you can place on top of your normal work desks.

On-desk attachments also run the gamut from cheap and minimalist to pricey and well-equipped. Make your choice wisely, as you’ll probably be using the attachment you buy for a long, long time.

You Save

Not all non-powered USB hubs are created equal, but the one below has worked well even with multiple hard drives plugged in.

NotSoAncient Tip: To prevent Hard Drive failure with USB hubs, make sure to plug all hard drives in before connecting the USB hub to your computer. This will (hopefully) prevent any required power surges upon plug-in from disconnecting other peripherals/hard drives.

Ergo Depot Jarvis

A formidable blend of value and performance, the Ergo Depot Jarvis is a strong all-around pick for anyone who wants a reliable sit/stand desk without spending a fortune. A durable bamboo desktop is included in the base price, but MDF, laminate and hardwood are available, too. Reviewers say the desk is quick and quiet as it adjusts from sitting to standing, and they like the four programmable memory settings. Best of all, experts say the desk barely wobbles, even when it’s at its tallest setting.

Lifespan TR1200-DT5

If you want a workhorse of a treadmill desk with a spacious desktop, reviewers say the Lifespan TR1200-DTis a good pick. The durable laminate desktop accommodates users with a wide range of heights, and the treadmill is quiet enough not to annoy co-workers in close quarters. An easy-to-read control panel keeps essential data like distance, steps taken and calories burned on display. Six shock absorbers and a padded wrist guard also help keep users comfortable during long work sessions.

Special features

Number is a desk riser from The House of Trade. This incredible tool helps promote better posture, reduces back and neck pain, a thinner waistline and increased productivity. Are you having problems with your heart health? Fear no more, with this desk you can achieve long lasting health benefits and reduce your risk of heart problems. Additionally, it can also increase your productivity.

Choosing A PC Gaming Desk

Throughout this site, we endeavour to help others to recognise and locate great seating when gaming or sitting for long hours at a time.

Like purchasing a gaming chair, we want to make sure to learn about the many options that make up the best gaming desks available.

Do you need single or dual monitor arms, a CPU holder,  and good wire management?

You may also need an unobstructed space beneath the desk so that your legs and feet are free to move around.

HomCom L-Shape Computer Desk

This modern L-shaped desk may be the ultimate addition to any home office or gaming space. Organize and find a place for all your gear like multiple monitors and other peripherals.

This particular shape desk gives you the maximum table space while fitting the corner of the room and more out of the way. Opening up the center of the room.

The combination of its steel frame and beautiful smoked glass makes it both lightweight, stable, strong and long-lasting.

Rather than cluttering the desk with a bunch of shelves and drawers, this gaming desk is kept simple, sleek and highly functional.

It also comes with a built-in keyboard tray and a spot for your tower.

Features of the HomCom gaming desk include

Perfect space saver for any home, dorm room or office with its L-shaped design.

Pull-out keyboard tray to store away your keyboard when not in use.

Strong and sleek layout for long lasting stability and wear.

Keyboard tray and dedicated CPU stand efficiently utilizes available space.

Features of this L-shaped desk include

Roomy desktop that easily accomodates multiple monitors

Mobile CPU cart allows you to place it where it suits your need.

Floor Glides to help prevent scratching while gripping the floor.

Dimensions: 95″ W x 61.75″D x 34″H or 24cm x 15cm x 8cm  U-SHAPED DESKS FOR GAMING

Features of this u-shape computer desk include

Wide Desk surface: offers space to spread out and have a place for everything.

Thermally fused laminate surface: protects against scratches and damage with rugged edge banding and sturdy panels

Integrated grommet wire management system: for concealing and organising cables.

SITTING & STANDING DESKS  Transdesk Standing Desk

Long hours of gaming at a desk calls for an ergonomic approach to our posture and well-being. This while increasing our energy and alleviating the pain that is caused by sitting.

With its easy crank adjustment, you can set the height to match that of your chair. Feel like standing for a while? No problem. Raise the desktop to meet your best standing posture.

Abundant space for multiple monitors and plenty of room underneath for leg and foot movement.

Features of this game desk include

Easily adjusts from a sitting to a standing desk by means of its smooth crank.

Simple assembly only requires an estimated time of 30-60 minutes

Those who have recently purchased mentioned that they loved it! They also said it was very easy to assemble and the tools to build are included with the parts.

BBF Series A 72W Desk

Here is another great long desk for gaming or office use. It has been described as solid, sturdy, and great quality. Offering plenty of room for your rig, peripherals, multiple monitors, and more.

Cable management system conceals and streamlines your wiring by means of desktop and leg grommets. Solid construction with a durable scratch and stain resistant surface top.

This particular desk was designed to accommodate additional compartments and shelves that can be easily attached to your personal preferences and layout.

The greatest advantage to this desk is the amount of space you have for everything. Nearly 1square feet of desktop space to handle all of your gear and accessories.

Atlantic Gaming Desk

Made from highly durable steel and PVC laminate, which will offer many years of faithful service. Modern look and design that fits nicely into many gaming or work area.

Another cool feature to help enhance your gaming experience and reduce clutter consists of its cable management system for your wiring if needed.

Plenty of desk space for a notebook computer, keyboard, mouse and or a roomy workspace.

Spacious underneath that will accommodate your tower and still leave room for your knees and feet. Monitor stand helps eliminate the need to use up desk space for your screen.

Origami RDE-0Computer Desk

If you’re dealing with limited space like a cramped gaming room, dorm, or small apartment, this foldable desk for gaming by Origami can be neatly stored away when not in use.

It’s sturdy 2-part construction makes it easy to maneuver while maintaining a solid and reliable desk for using for your home office or game area.

Completely folds flat for quick storage. To reassemble it, simply unfold the frame and drop the tabletop onto it, and it is affordable. square fee t of workspace for multiple monitors and still have room for your mouse, speakers or other devices.

How would you like to own the world’s first wirelessly controlled glow in the dark gaming computer desk?

Engineered with accurate measurements that ensure the most suitable distance from your eyes to your screen. Reducing fatigue.

Features of the E-Blue Gaming Desk include

Designated LED Adjustable lights up areas for each of your peripherals and gaming devices.

Materials: Built with steel and molded plastic frame for stability. The extended desktop delivers great arm and hand support.

Sculpted corners along with edge protection finishing, offering a sharp and modern look.

Bell’O Curved Computer Desk

Do you need a small computer desk that’s ideal for corners, yet has plenty of desk space? This computer office/gaming desk may be what you’re looking for.

This beautifully curved wood computer desk has an easy to clean safety glass desktop, solid steel framing, and affordable leg room. Designed with smaller spaces in mind. t’s sleek and open architecture will look sexy in just about any gaming or work area, while efficiently conserving smaller rooms with limited space.

Features of the Bell’O computer desk include

Spacious tabletop (47″W x 24″D) allowing plenty of room for larger or dual monitors and other devices. ​A keyboard tray that is not only spacious but smoothly slides out of the way when not in use. Easily fits full-size keyboard and mouse pad comfortably. ​Easy to assemble. Instructions are very straightforward and only requires a Phillips screwdriver. ​Overall Dimensions: 47″W x 30″H x 24″D ​Top Shelf: 47″W x 24″D

Features of the Z-Line game desk include

Product materials: Chrome cylinder glass supports, composite board tray with the cherry finish, clear tempered glass with black border for safety.

Pull-out keyboard tray with room for a mouse (approximately 38″ W x 11″ D)

Height measurements: floor to keyboard= 25″ (63.5cm) – Floor to glass top = 29″ (73.6cm) Floor to monitor top = 35.4″ (90cm).

Dimensions: 2x 4x 3inches or 6x 12x 91.cen timeters

Bottom shelf: sBottom shelf: space for CPU with plenty of leg room.

Some users have mentioned that it will hold dual monitors, but to be cautious of how much weight the top shelf can hold. A clamp monitor stand is not recommended due to the fragile materials.

The majority of buyers of this game desk were quite satisfied with their purchase. The keyboard tray actually slides out far enough to allow you to use it with a relaxed, reclined seating position.

Traveler Folding Stand up Desk

Traveler Folding Stand up Desk is lightweight and portable with a surface area of about 19.inches x 1inches. It is basically a laptop sized desk that’s height is between 9.2to 12.inches; you can set it according to your height. It is a perfect standing desk that takes care of your health. For easy storage, you can fold the Traveler Stand up Desk. You can tilt this standing desk up to 4degrees and set it to work comfortably. You don’t need to worry about the sliding of the stuff, as it has a lip that prevent falling things.

Ergotron 24-280-92WorkFit-PD Sit-Stand Desk

Ergotron 24-280-92WorkFit-PD Sit-Stand Desk is an affordable workstation that can be adjusted according to your height.  You can minimize its height to sit on a chair as it is a dual desk that is suitable for all your position and posture. It is easy to use and comes completely assembled. It is available in black color with a top of light gray.

Ergotron WorkFit-D Sit-Stand Desk 

Ergotron WorkFit-D Sit-Stand Desk is perfect for your health and designed with a Patented CF technology.  It is an adjustable desk that allows you to select the height according to your desire; you can even lower the height for sitting. It is perfect for every posture and position. It is perdurable that makes it a worth buying desk. This workstation not only boosts your working ability, but also eradicates the back pain.

VertdeskTM Electric Desk

VertdeskTM Electric Desk allows you to adjust the height quietly and quickly with a single button. The range of height is between 2to 46.inches. It offers a space of 22.inches and can be plugged into 1volt outlet. This Electric desk is comfortable and reduces the pain and also minimizes the calories. It is available in cherry or hardrock maple colors with a black base that looks good with your furniture. The VertdeskTM Electric Desk is constructed in Taiwan.

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Most important, have fun and choose your Standing Desks wisely! Good luck!

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