Top 10 Best Comfortable Bike Seats Reviewed In 2017

Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Comfortable Bike Seats of 2017 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



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№1 – OUTERDO Bike Saddle- MTB Gel Comfort Bicycle Seat

OUTERDO Bike Saddle- MTB Gel Comfort Bicycle Seat
Fashion and streamlined bicycle saddle design.
Excellent shockproof and maximum firmness.
Light weight,The sort cushion make you comfortable for long time cycling.

Let your bike look more fashionable with OUTERDO Bike Saddle seat. It has a streamlined design giving it an aesthetic look. Riding on rough surfaces should not scare you as it is shockproof. The cushioning material is light and durable enabling the rider to cycle for an extended period without tiring. The anatomical shape allows the perfect fit. More to that the cover material is breathable allowing you your skin to breathe hence maintaining a fresh feeling. Fitting it on your bike is easy and can be used in all types of bicycles. The material is simple to wash.


№2 – The Seat by Ergo – Lycra Gel Saddle Seat

The Seat by Ergo – Lycra Gel Saddle Seat
Innovative, horn-less bicycle saddle designed to eliminate pain and numbness
Moving rider’s weight to the sit-bones and pressure off soft tissues and organs
Lycra-covered soft gel seat for increased cushioning

Brand: Unknown
Do not let cheap seats ruin your cycling comfort. This saddle seat is of its kind featuring an innovative technology. Unlike most of the seats in the market, it has a unique shape having no horns. This implies that there are no numbness or back pains as you cycle. When fitted on the bike, the rider enjoys a well-distributed body weight avoiding straining the back. Covering the top side is soft Lycra gel that increases cushioning and breathability. Also, it is wide with gel padding to absorb shocks and vibrations. The seat is compatible with almost all rails without modification. It comes with 30 days guarantee.


№3 – Planet Bike 5020 Men’s ARS Standard Anatomic Relief Saddle Seat

Planet Bike 5020 Men’s ARS Standard Anatomic Relief Saddle Seat
Clamp Style: Std Rails Length: 270mm Rail Material: Steel Saddle Weight: 470g
Saddle Weight: 401-600g Seat Saddle Detail Color: Black

Brand: Planet Bike
The weather should not worry you if you like training with your bike. This seat features some of the fantastic features to offer you complete satisfaction. It is designed to fit on 270mm rail with a clamping style mode of attachment. Durability is a guarantee having built on a steel frame. The suede material featured on the top layer covering makes it fast to clean, weatherproof and providing a super soft padding. With it, you cannot get bored when it comes to training.


№4 – Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Gel Sofa- Black

Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Gel Sofa- Black
12.5″ Long x 11.5″ Wide
Multi-Stage Foam
Vented anatomic relief system

Brand: Cloud-9
The anatomically designed seat is wide enough to offer total support as you ride. Measuring 12.5″ Long x 11.5″ Wide, there is no room for back pains and muscle numbness. Multi-staged foam material further enhances comfort. The vinyl cover material offers a beautiful look as well as waterproof ability. At the middle, it has vented relief system. Coil spring suspension absorbs road shocks and trembles on the seat. Installation is through pillar clamp system.


№5 – Bell Memory Foam Saddle Seat

Bell Memory Foam Saddle Seat
Soft touch padding
Wide, comfortable design
Ergonomic relief channel

Brand: Bell Sports
As you pedal your bike, a comfortable and supportive seat is all you need. With Bell Memory Foam saddle seat you cannot go wrong. The upper part features a smooth and soft padding material that enhances breathing and a relaxed feeling to the riders. The seat is broad thus suitable for people of different sizes. Also, it has a well-crafted shape designed to effect necessary comfort. The seat has a relief channel the center preventing built up of pressure as one ride. The cover material is 2 inches foam that ensures total comfort while elastomer suspension eliminates the shock and vibrations. It is available in color black.


№6 – Cloud-9 Comfort Ladies’ Saddle seat

Cloud-9 Comfort Ladies’ Saddle seat
10″ Long x 8″ Wide
Multi-Stage Foam
Anatomic relief design

Brand: Cloud-9
The saddle seat is anatomically crafted for women. If you are bored by hard and discomfort bike seat, it is time to dispose them and install this cloud-9 for women. It is very sturdy and can support even heavy riders. It measures 10″ Long x 8″ Wide thus ideal for everyone who like outdoor cycling. The comfort is much enhanced through the multilayered foam that provides a soft and relaxing feeling. You can expect a major relief as no back pains or muscle strains and numbness. The well-designed elastomer spring suspension eradicates shocks and road vibrations. For every woman who likes wonderful cycling, experience tCloud-9 is the best choice.


№7 – Schwinn No Pressure Bicycle Seat

Schwinn No Pressure Bicycle Seat
Limit pressure point contact
Durable, weather-resistant fabric for extended wear
Product is designed to fit most standard bicycle seat posts, it is not designed to fit exercise equipment.

Brand: Schwinn
This seat is a great accessory for your bike. It features unique design and shape. Unlike other hard bike seats available, this one relieves pressure on most sensitive areas leaving you relaxed. It can be used for all exercises machines and bicycle. The cover material is sturdy, made to withstand the extreme weather conditions. Additionally is durable being able to resist wear and tears. This is achieved through robust fabric materials. When you want to enjoy the thrilling experience of cycling, furnish your bike with Schwinn no pressure seat.


№8 – Schwinn Pillow Top Cruiser Bike Seat

Schwinn Pillow Top Cruiser Bike Seat
Comfortable cruiser bicycle seat
Extra gel for maximum comfort
Weather-resistant Lycra cover

Brand: Schwinn
Schwinn is known to produce super-high-quality bike products that leave cyclist thrilled. When you experience discomforts as you ride, the first culprit is the type of seat you are using. With top cruiser pillow, you have eradicated all discomforts. It provides gel padding for enhanced comfort. The cover is beautiful having made of lycra material. Also, it is weather resistant. It is designed to be suitable for a cruise, and comfort bikes.


№9 – Planet Bike Men’s A.R.S. Bike Saddle Seat

Planet Bike Men’s A.R.S. Bike Saddle Seat
Full length center recess for comfortable anatomic relief
SuperSoft padding with flex support base for maximum comfort and support
Soft top cover with abrasion-resistant side material

Brand: Planet Bike
All your health complications associated with bike riding are now past tense with Planet Bike Men’s seat. It is one of most versatile seats in the market that, it can be used for any form of cycling. The sitting platform is enhanced with a gel to ease skin from excessive pressure. At the middle, it features a relief hole that allows ventilation and anatomic relief. Further comfort is through extra soft padding with flex. With it, you are guaranteed of a lifetime warranty.


№10 – Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle Seat-Tri-color Black

Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle Seat-Tri-color Black
Cruiser bicycle saddle designed for serious comfort
Dual-density gel foam padding is soft and forgiving
Chrome coil spring suspension helps smooth out bumps

Brand: Cloud-9
As far as bike seats are concerned, this Sunlite seat for men is the best in the market. It has many surprising features that make it adorable by bikers. The seat has high rating comfort due to its dual density gel foam padding. The foam provides a soft and soothing support as you cycle. For bumps and rough surfaces, chrome spring coils are responsible for shock absorption. Another amazing feature is its universal design that allows it to be compatible with all standard seat rails. It measures 10.5’’ long by 10.5’’ wide.


How to choose the right saddle

There are an eye-watering number of saddles on the market, and finding the right perch can mean the difference between having an awesome ride and not being able to sit comfortably at the dinner table. Here’s how to go about choosing the right saddle for your needs.


The shell or hull of the saddle is the hard base that forms its basic shape and governs how much it will flex.

Any given saddle model will likely come in a few levels, but they will all be the same shape

More budget-friendly saddles will be made of plastic or a fibre-reinforced polymer, whereas more expensive saddles will have a carbon shell. It’s worth noting that a specific model of the saddle will have the same shape whether it has a carbon or plastic shell – so a basic Specialized Power saddle will have the same shape as the carbon S-Works Power.

The advantage of a carbon shell is that in most cases it will be lighter and stronger than the plastic or polymer alternatives, and will also absorb a bit of road vibration, too.


The rails of the saddle are what the seat clamp grabs to secure it to the seat post. Cheaper saddles use steel alloys, while mid-range saddles tend to opt for titanium, and top of the range saddles use carbon.

It’s worth noting that carbon rail saddles may not be compatible with all seat clamps, due to the rails being oval shaped instead of round.

Some saddles use a single rail. They’re light and adjustable but also require a special seat post

There is a third option when it comes to saddle rails, and that is a single rail and seat post system. Here the saddle has a single rail that only works with a special seatpost. These systems are lightweight and extremely adjustable but are not particularly common.


The cover is the outermost layer of the saddle and is the part you actually sit on. They’re made from a variety of materials including real leather, though synthetic covers are much more common.

Something to take note of on any saddle are seams and rough patches, as they can cause discomfort depending on their location. They can wear holes in your shorts, too.


Some saddles have extras like reinforced corners to prevent scuffing or tearing the cover, elastomers between the rails and shell, and some have things like mounting brackets for taillights and saddle bags. While these features are cool, they shouldn’t have too much influence on your buying decision.

What to look for in a bike saddle

The Prologo Scratch Pro X1Ti a good option for trail bikes

There are variations between mountain bike and road cycling saddles — mountain bike saddles are usually made from stronger, more durable materials, and road bike saddles tend to be lighter, for example — but fundamentally, the things you need to consider to find one that suits you are the same.

Cover material

Most modern saddles use synthetic materials, although you’ll still find real leather on more expensive ones. The key thing is to make sure any seams, sticky bits or reinforcing panels don’t chafe.

Mountain bike saddles are likely to suffer crashes, so a hard-wearing cover is essential.

The Brooks Cambium C1uses an interesting natural rubber ‘shell’ that differs from the brand’s more usual use of good ol’ leather

The base of the saddle controls its basic shape and how springy it is. Several manufacturers produce different width or shaped shells for different physiques.

The majority of saddles have a Nylon shell, but often there’ll be some carbon reinforcement.

Grooves or cut-outs

Specialized produces a huge range of finishing kit including a mammoth range of saddles of all shapes and sizes

Some saddle shells have a groove in the centre or a hole cut out — this is designed to reduce pressure and heat around your most sensitive veins and nerves.


The Fizik Gobi XM mountain bike saddle has well distributed padding that we’ve come to love

Padding distributes pressure from your behind across the surface of the saddle. Polyurethane foam is the most common padding material — it comes in a range of densities to give firm or soft saddles.

The crucial thing to remember is that while a soft, deep saddle might feel comfortable at first for a beginner, more contact and movement is likely to increase heat and discomfort the longer you’re in the saddle.

The rails are the bars that the seatpost clamps onto under the saddle. Cheaper saddles use steel alloys, while titanium or carbon rails make for a lighter saddle.

Single rail saddle and post systems — such as the SDG i-Beam — are gaining ground for both road and mountain bikes for their light weight and adjustability.

You’ll find all sorts of other touches on bicycle saddles, from Kevlar-reinforced corners or plastic bumpers, to built-in mounts for tail lights or saddle packs.

Avoid the Pain

It is true that in the first few days a rider might feel some pain as his/her body is getting used to the activity. However, after some time the soreness goes away. In some cases, the pain/stress prolongs and does not go away. That is where you should know your bike’s seat isn’t the perfect type. Having a comfortable seat is as important as having a strong frame and right tires. This is not just a random accessory that you can overlook.

Hybrid Comfort Bike Seat

A comfort bike is a more comfortable version of a mountain bike (go figure). They are built mainly for leisure and to have fun. Their seats are stuffed with a good amount of gel and foam. They are also backed up with a suspension system.

The foam gives a soft feel to the rider, and he/she will not feel any pain even if the ride is long. The suspension system is a spring attached beneath the seat so that whenever a bump or big hurdle comes in front, the rider will easily pass it and the shock will be absorbed by the suspension system.

Instead of the rider jumping up due to the bump, the seat is pushed down, and no bump is felt at all. For this reason, this is one of the best hybrid bike saddle for most people suffering from muscle pains. Here is a typical bike with this sort of saddle:

The name for this seat is referred to as cruiser saddle.

Hybrid Commuter Bike Seat

Commuter bikes are there to commute for short distances. It has a cruiser type seat. This seat is cushioned all over and is split from the middle. The split allows for air flow and also gives comfort to the user. This part is usually responsible for causing pain to the rider and numbs his / her bottom after some time. The split resolves that problem. It is made from leather so it can be cleaned easily and doesn’t get soaked on rainy occasions.

Slight padding is done on it to protect from the bumps that may come in the way. The front of this hybrid bike seat is downward sloped so that rider can quickly move forward. Some of the seats for this kind of bike are shaped a little longer to give a better body position.

These are the main types of hybrid bike seats that are used. Comparing these seats to other bikes will help give a clearer picture.

Different Hybrid Bike Saddles

Now that we know the kind of seats there are for hybrids specifically, the decision should be simple now. We are aware that the type of bike and its purpose ultimately determines the kind of seat that will be placed on it. There are further many types of seat/ saddles that are used on bikes.

Racing Saddles

These types of saddles move you forward in a leaning position so that you have more weight on pedal and hands. This is used to generate more power and speed. Less weight is put on the seat itself. When this seat is put on mountain bikes, it is slightly padded but when on road bikes, it is not padded at all.

The new technology being used in racing saddles is improved in a way that now it is designed to protect the lower organs of people by relieving pressure from soft tissues.

Comfort Saddles

Comfort hybrid bike saddles are exclusively designed for comfort bikes that are there to give riders a good leisure time. These types of seats can even be used for long distances as they are padded with enough foam/ gel that can easily absorb shocks. Comfort saddles may differ in width for men and women. For women, the seat is comparatively wider to suit their body.

Cruiser Saddles

Cruiser saddles give a lot of support to the rider in the form of padding on both sides. Their design puts most of the body weight on the seat and not the pedals since riding with speed isn’t the motive for these saddles. The seat’s width is also broad to support the weight. Another kind of cruiser saddles are referred to as banana saddles and have a long shape with a well-padded shell.

Noseless Saddles

This type of saddle is lightweight, padded to a medium extent and designed to protect delicate parts. The obvious difference from the rest is the split in between. The split is done to allow for free airflow and also relieve the rider from numbness and pain that may occur at that one particular part of the body due to constant contact.

The reason why most of the saddles nowadays is aimed directly at the health of the rider has a lot of reasons behind it. A tight and enclosed seat can irritate the reproductive organs, cause tension in nerves and reduce blood flow capacity.

Due to this reason many new seats now have a cutaway in between or soft padding are used at that part. This would remove the stiffness and make the ride comfortable all along the journey.

Size and Age of the Child

On the issue of the child’s age, it is recommendable for babies below months to use the front-mounted seats. Similarly, the maximum weight for a given seat should not be exceeded. For instance, a rear-mounted seat requires a maximum weight of 40 lbs. However, give that kids keeps on growing and adding more weight, you can always upgrade to the relevant seat at a given time.

Buckling Systems and Foot Straps

One of the safety precautions for a kid on a bicycle is the safety provided by the buckles. Even though nearly all kids’ bicycle seats have a buckle system, the quality varies with the brand. Having an easily adjustable buckle system is great to consider. Similarly, there is the need for the foot strap that that can keep the feet of the child safer and free from sliding. Having said that, it is a fact that buckling system and the foot straps are very essential in this field.

InStep Take Double Bicycle Trailer

This child bicycle seat from Bellelli is a perfect product for your kid. It has a rear mounting as well as universal quick mounting on the seat tube and three-point safety belt. This child bicycle seat carrier is recommended for children seven years old and under with a maximum weight of 50 pounds. Furthermore, it can provide standard fit for your baby to ride along on your next bike ride. It even has adjustable foot rests and air flow design that makes the ride more comfortable.

Thule RideAlong Child Bike Seat

Thule’s child bicycle seat has a dual beam suspension system that absorbs road shock to ensure a smooth, comfortable ride for your child. It features an easy and quick one-hand tilt function of up to 20 degrees and allows for five different reclining options. More so, it has a universal quick release bracket that allows the seat to mount or even dismount from a bike in seconds. Also, the quick release bracket allows seat from being removed when locked. It is designed and tested for tested for months to years old and up to 48.pounds or 2kilograms. With the smart design innovations of this child bicycle seat product, it results to an intuitive, safe and easy to use rear child bike seat so that  you can take your child on your daily commutes and family bike adventures to the next level.

Bell Classic Cocoon Bicycle Child Carrier

Bell’s child bicycle seat is much easier to install on a wider range of bikes. This product fits a wider range of adult bicycles. It carries one child up to 40 pounds and has improved comfort with seat pad. This is just perfect for your child, and you will feel ease for this is very safe for any rides securely in new five-point harness system. It even has foot rests that keep legs comfy and feet from a wheel.

Schwinn Child Carrier

Schwinn’s child bicycle seat is a frame-mounted rear bike seat for toddlers. This product is very easy to assemble on most adult bicycles. This is very strong and lightweight product with polypropylene construction. More so, it has a quick release harness, leg restraints, and padded across the bar for added safety. It has a bonus seat spring guard and spoke guard included. This is recommended for children for up to 40 pounds with an age range of one year and up.

WeeRide LTD Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

This child bicycle seat product from WeeRide features a unique front-position child bike seat with ultra-thick seat and back padding. More so, this installs in front of the bike saddle to put your child in a comfortable, safe position with a mounting bar included. It even has a deluxe safety harness and oversized buckle system for maximum safety. It even distributes weight evenly for added stability when navigating corners. Plus, it has adjustable foot holders and plush headrest, and also installs easily on most bikes. This child bicycle seat to provide ultimate in child comfort and safety.

WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

WeeRide’s child bicycle seat is a center-mounted bike seat with the safe, comfortable and front-row view. It is made up of sturdy steel and plastic housing the installs on almost any adult bike. More so, it has a seat harness, with a padded front bumper and height-adjustment foot cups. It even has a steel support bar that doesn’t interfere with brake cables or bike gear. This product is perfect for kids with ages one year and up and has a maximum capacity of 3pounds.

Rear-fitting​ seats

Rear seats come in three basic designs: cantilevered from the seat tube; fixed to a rear carrier rack; and fixed directly to the seat tube and seat stays. Those that bolt to the frame – or to a rack that’s bolted to the frame –  are more stable and sturdy but cannot be fitted to bikes with rear suspension.

Cantilevered seats use a big plastic bracket with two holes in it bolted to the seat tube. Into this slots a two-pronged rack that supports the seat. There’s some give in the rack, which offers a degree of springy suspension. This may not flex enough under smaller children, leaving them tipped slightly forwards.

Larger children and/or long-term use may flex it too far, bending it down towards the rear tyre or mudguard. Typically the more you pay, the sturdier the seat will be. The Hamax Sleepy and the Hamax Siesta are some of the better examples. They have a decent attachment bracket and the seat can be reclined.

Seats that fix to a rear carrier rack slide and lock onto the rack’s top, with a safety strap around the seat-post or seat-tube for added security. With the seat off, the rack can be used to carry panniers. The Copilot Limo is the best of these designs and has for some years set the standard in child seats.

The Limo reclines to give a better ride to a sleeping child. Its harness is supplemented by a pivoting grab-bar, like the safety bar on a roller-coaster carriage. What’s more, you can rotate this bar over the back of the seat to turn it into a baby chair when it’s off the bike – so you don’t need to wake your sleeping tot at journey’s end.

Seats that fix directly to the seat stays and seat tube have long legs that bolt to the seat stays, often using a quick-release, plus a bracket that fits on the seat tube to prevent fore and aft movement. The Bobike Maxi is a good one. It’s well made, with a maximum load of 25kg. That should be enough for a six-year-old child, assuming you can still balance the bike properly.

Most seats fit best on medium or larger sized bikes with a conventional top tube. Small frames and those with a dropped top tube can cause fitting difficulties for any seat that uses a seat tube bracket. Open frames – that is, frames without a top tube – can flex and shimmy alarmingly when you’re cycling with a heavier child on a rear seat, because the structure isn’t stiff enough. Look for fatter frame tubes and/or reinforcing tubes if you want to fit this kind of bike with a child seat.

Front-fitting seats

Front seats usually attach to the top tube, a bar fixed above it, or a bracket on the head tube. Some are moulded plastic seats, like smaller versions of rear seats, while others – aimed at older children who can hold on themselves – are just little saddles and footrests bolted to the bike.

If you do want a front-fitting seat, Dutch company Bobike make ones suitable for 1-year olds that can be fitted with a windscreen. This greatly helps to protect against wind chill and rain.

For children aged up to four or so, the Weeride Kangaroo is a better choice because it’s designed for a heavier passenger.

Riding with ​a child seat

Even if you’re used to riding with rear panniers, a child seat takes some getting used to. Panniers put the weight around or between the axles. Child seats put the weight above and – more significantly – behind the rear axle, which destabilises the bike. Get a plumb line to check where the base of the seat is relative to the rear axle. The shorter the distance it is behind the axle, the better the handling will be. If it’s level or in front, so much the better. There’s no hard and fast maximum distance, but keeping it under 10cm is a reasonable rule of thumb.

Before you ride with your child on the seat try loading it up with a heavy weight, such as a 7-10kg sack of potatoes, and take it for a ride. That will give you a clear idea of how different the bike will feel with a passenger on the seat. At first, you will wobble, particularly at slow speeds. Don’t be tempted to stand up on the pedals to power uphill. The bike will handle better with your weight on the saddle, so change down the gears and spin instead. If that fails, get off. It’s easier than you might think to fall when you’re going up a steep hill. (I did it twice in eight years of child seat use. The wraparound seat prevented any injury to my passenger both times, but it was still a nasty shock – and I took some nasty gouges.)

You can stabilise the unbalancing effect of a rear seat to some degree by using low-rider panniers on the front of the bike and filling them with the picnic, toddler paraphernalia or shopping. The extra weight around the front wheel will steady the steering and keep the tyre on the tarmac – especially uphill, where the lightly-loaded front end can otherwise become skittish.

Front seats don’t have such a dramatic effect on handling, but it’s still worth taking the aforementioned spin with the spuds so that you get a feel for riding the loaded bike.

Unless you have a step-through frame, you will need to practice getting on and off the bike with the child seat in place. If you swing your leg over the saddle like you’re used to doing, you’ll risk kicking your passenger in the head. Instead you need to step over the top tube.

Little fingers can also get caught, usually in an adult’s sprung saddle rather than the spokes. If your saddle has springs, either swap it for one that doesn’t or make or buy a finger guard. Bobike’s Saddle Spring Protector is what you need if you don’t fancy doing some DIY using a strip of stiff plastic and some zip ties.

To keep your child secure, most seats use a three-point harness, with straps going over the shoulders and securing between the legs. A better set-up is to have a waist belt or bar as well, as toddlers can sometimes slip out of shoulder straps when asleep. Seats that tilt back alleviate this problem, because your child won’t be slumping into the straps.

Child seats aren’t as conspicuous as child trailers or trailer cycles when you’re on the road, and some drivers won’t give you such a wide berth. If that’s a problem where you ride, consider a bright ‘baby on board’ sticker or a flashing LED light fixed to the child seat.

Other cycles

Small-wheeled folding bikes tend to handle poorly when fitted with a child seat, even where this is possible (usually by fitting a cantilevered seat).

Recumbent cycles don’t have the seat tube that some seats require, but any bike or trike that can be fitted with a conventional rear carrier rack can take rack-fitting seats.

Tandems can be fitted with rear child seats and are much less affected by handling issues. Upright tricycles with two wheels at the back can take two child seats between the wheels, facing forwards or back.

Useful extras

To use a child seat on more than one bike – on mum’s as well as dad’s, for example – buy an extra rack or bracket for the seat when you purchase it. While seats are usually quick-release, racks and brackets stay fixed to the bike because they take minutes rather than seconds to remove.

It can be tricky getting a child into and out of a child seat if you’re on your own, even with a wall to lean the bike against. Toddlers are heavy and it only takes a foot snagged in a seat strap when you’re lifting your child to send the bike crashing to the ground. The Esge Twin Leg Kickstand looks like a motorcycle propstand and is one of the few kickstands strong enough to hold bike and child upright while you sort out buckles and straps. That said, you should never leave a child in a seat unattended. It doesn’t take much to tip over a top-heavy bicycle.

If you find it hard to balance when looking round with your passenger on board, then it’s a good idea to fit a handlebar mirror such as the Busch und Müller CycleStar. Not only will you be able to monitor traffic behind you, you’ll also be able to see if your child has fallen asleep.

Some child seats come with an integral reflector on the back, but few have mounting points for lights, which you must use if you’re riding after dusk. As a seat post light will be obscured by the seat, your best bet is to mount a light on the back of the carrier rack.

If you’re planning to walk with your child at the end of your ride, the Steco Buggy Mee Deluxe is a great help (it’s Dutch but can be ordered direct). It’s an adapter for the rear rack that enables it to carry a folded-up pushchair. It fits to one side of the bike and projects backwards, and so won’t interfere with your rear-fitting child seat. 

Schwinn Suburban

When you want to enjoy a scenic ride through the streets or through specialized bicycle trails, the Schwinn Suburban is the bike for you. If you are just looking to get back into bicycling, or are an experienced rider who just needs a new comfortable bike as opposed to racing bikes, then you should look for this one. The bike is nimble, and is easy and stable to ride. It has a relaxed seating position, and the stem can be adjusted if you want to ride in an upright position and have a great view of the road ahead. The bike comes with a suspension fork and as seat post that has suspension to make it a very comfortable ride. The design of the seat is comfortable ensuring that you have a ride that is as smooth as velvet. The bike comes with lightweight aluminium wheels, and excellent Bontragger tires. The drivetrain is a smooth-shifting Shimano mechanism, and it also has Tektro brakes, ensuring that you have fun and be safe at the same time.

Diamondback Wildwood Classic

This is an excellent bike for taking short commuter rides. It is durable, fun and light in weight, making it great for going anywhere you would want to. This is a bike designed to give you the extra comfort that is standard with these bikes. It comes with a heat-treated 606aluminium alloy frame, whose light weight makes it easy to pedal; the alloy is also durable so you have no worries about its lifetime use. It has a comfort suspension fork, which gives up to 50mm of travel, thereby cushioning the rider from shocks. It has a 3XShimano drivetrain that has 2speeds. This means that you can go over hills without too much of a struggle. It comes with Promax linear pull brakes, which are very dependable. You will be able to stop on any terrain and in any kind of weather. It has 26X1.9inch Smooth Comfort tires, which adds a bit more of the comfort that the bike is specialized for. The tires also offer you great grip and traction

Schwinn Women’s Suburban Bike

This is a bike made by a respected company and true to their reputation; they have come up with a great comfort bike. The bike comes with a new Schwinn Comfort frame, and a new suspension fork for added comfort. It has a speed Microshift gear system and Shimano rear derailleur for fast and easy shifting of gears. The bike has alloy linear brakes and alloy wheels. It has a comfortable saddle and the handlebars have been swept back so the rider can reach them easily. The grips are ergonomic adding to the easy feel of the bike. There has been a deliberate review of the design, taking the point contact points that a rider makes into consideration. This bike comes with a lifetime warranty, which speaks of the confidence that the manufacturer has in their bikes.

The differences between men’s and women’s saddles

In the cycling world, there are many items that are considered ‘unisex’. Though some women do get on with men’s saddles, they’re generally not considered unisex items – women are shaped differently to men. The only exception comes when we consider noseless (most popularly ISM saddles) versions, where there is no material beneath the soft tissue.

Women generally have wider sit bones, so saddles for women are usually wider. Though not all women want a cut-out channel, to relieve soft tissue discomfort, most of us find we are more comfortable with one.

Saddle Material

The most common padding material is a foam rubber that may be used in conjunction with a gel pad. This foam is lightweight (for all you weight weenies), absorbs shock, and is durable.

There is a sweet spot, however, between too little and too much padding. Too little and you feel every bump; too much and the padding will begin to dig in to your tender bits over time.

Generally the wider the saddle the more comfortable the saddle is… or at least it appears so. Looks can be deceiving. Wider saddles will tend to start to rub the inner thighs after you have been riding for hours. So depending on how long you generally ride, a wide saddle could be beneficial or detrimental.

Cheaper saddles will use solid steal. As the price increases the rails go to hollow steal, titanium, or carbon. The benefits of the more expensive materials are a lighter saddle and materials such as carbon fiber can be a little more flexible, which increases the comfort.

Saddle features

WTB helps you narrow your search by classifying saddles along the weight vs. comfort continuum. Most avid mountain bikers will opt for the middle of the spectrum (performance)

In terms of usage, you’ll be faced with a few tradeoffs, chief among these being comfort vs. weight. A broader profile and more padding will provide more comfort but will also add weight. If you’re really intent on shedding grams, then you can expect to get less cush for your tush. If you’re a competitive racer, saving every gram may be worth giving up a good deal of comfort. Cross country racers spend a lot of time out of the saddle and their races are generally short, so it’s worth the tradeoff to save every gram. For the ultimate in weight savings, you can even get a carbon fiber shell with titanium rails and no padding whatsoever. Endurance racers should look more to the comfort end of the spectrum. If you’re strictly a recreational racer, then you want to look for the most comfortable saddle your budget will allow. Most saddles lie somewhere in between, providing a good level of comfort at a reasonable weight.

There are other ways to save weight which we can all enjoy, without compromising comfort. A pure leather cover is generally lightest, but Kevlar reinforced corners will provide greater durability with only a slight weight penalty. The rails are another area where durability may be a concern, but the key tradeoff here is cost vs. weight. Pure titanium rails may double the price of a similarly constructed saddle with CroMoly rails. Whether this is worth the cost is up to the buyer.

Saddle shape and fit

Deciding on your required features and level of performance is the easy part. Getting the best fit may be a little more challenging. The basic saddle shape can be important. As previously noted, a broad, chair-like saddle would be most comfortable, but these are usually limited to comfort bikes and rarely appear on mountain bikes. Instead, long, thin saddles have real applicability on the trails. For the racers, the narrow profile, in addition to saving weight, also allows for easier, more efficient pedaling. For the more technically oriented, the narrow saddle is also easier to slide behind for those sudden technical descents; getting your sit bones hung up on the corners of your saddle is a great recipe for an endo.

It looks like part of that saddle is missing!With regard to mountain bike saddles, less is definitely more, and I’m not just talking about saving weight. The location of sit bones and nearby arteries is a perfect storm for cutting off circulation and making for a miserable ride. Most high-end saddles incorporate some sort of groove or even a complete hole through the entire saddle. This groove is strategically placed to alleviate pressure in sensitive nether regions. It really doesn’t look like it would work, but it does.

Of course, those sensitive nether regions are not the same for men and women. Many women will want to restrict their searches to women’s specific saddles. Unfortunately, the variety of choices, which is quite overwhelming for men, is somewhat limited in women’s specific saddles. Terry has developed a reputation for providing a good range of quality women’s saddles that actually assist in providing comfort for the feminine physique.

Improving Bicycle Comfort

Check the angle of the seat – Bicycle seats can be adjusted by using the clamp that holds the seat in place. This clamp is located underneath the seat.  Once the screw is unscrewed the seat will move upward and downward.

Adjust the way you ride – The sensitive perineum can be compressed when you spend many hours riding and go through lots of bumpy terrain.  There are some things you can do to reduce the chances of this happening.

General Mountain Bike Saddles

Saddles designed for general off-road riding tend to stick to one particular style; a downward sloping nose and shapely rear area. They are usually very lightweight and narrow, but have substantial padding with reinforcements on crash areas.

This type of saddle is very narrow as they are designed to prevent chafing and offer the rider full movement. The saddle will put more weight onto your hands rather than the seat, so they have minimal padding and a stiff top.

These saddles use a gel, not too dissimilar from the material used for breast implants, to act as a cushion for your bum. The gel sits between the hard plastic base and the top cover and moves with your body for increased protection.


Material is removed from the seat of the saddle to relieve pressure points and make the shape much more flexible. Contrary to popular belief, the cutaway in the saddle was never designed to hold a rider’s genitals! Cutaway saddles are designed to prevent numbness and discomfort, but are particularly good for beginners.

Saddle Components

The shape of a mountain bike saddle is determined by the shell. Hard shells are commonly made using a moulded plastic, such as nylon, or carbon fibre, but some even sport leather shells. Rather than the hard shell, a leather saddle uses a thick piece of fabric to create a hammock between the rails. Many riders will claim that leather shells are the most comfortable because over time they conform to the user’s shape.

Saddle Mounting

No matter what type of saddle suits you best, the majority of them all have one thing in common: rails, also known as a cradle. Traditionally, there are two rails that run parallel on the underside of the saddle.

Rails used to all be made from carbon steel with chrome plating, but nowadays titanium is usually the material of choice because it’s lightweight. Other materials that are commonly used are carbon fibre and aluminium, magnesium or chrome-moly tube, they can also be solid or hollow.

Some newer bikes might already have the rails integrated into the shell or the new i-beam which uses two clamping bolts and extends along the length of the saddle. This type of mounting offers a much wider adjustment range.

Have a look here at the Fizik Range

Selle Italia: many claim that these guys are the best bike saddle brands in existence. Their saddles are famous all around the world for comfort. Forget all about technical jargon and just decide whether it’s comfy or not.

Flickr ~ sasgenu

Colin started mountain biking in the early 2000s and has haphazardly, and with barely increasing skill, dragged his bike around the majority of Scotland’s trail centres since then. Colin has oodles of hard earned experience in how NOT to do things – listen, be warned and don’t repeat his mistakes…   More about Colin…


This is another split-design saddle that makes it a lot more comfortable to ride your bike. This model is more of a road bike option, though some trail riders will also benefit from the elongated design and extra padding. We also enjoyed the color options available, allowing you to match your saddle to the scheme of your bicycle instead of going with “basic black.” Care for this saddle involves a simple wash down after 100 miles or so. It’s a bit firm, so not everyone may enjoy it, but we certainly appreciated all of its strengths.


This saddle is more for cruisers or some commuter bikes, but the comfort it provides will make it a tempting addition to any bike. Beginners will love this saddle because the gel padding gives you a forgiving riding experience. It will install on virtually any standard post and has one of the best seat suspensions we’ve seen in quite some time. At this price, it will move fast, so pick up this wide and comfortable saddle when you have the opportunity. It’s easily one of the best bike saddles on the market today.

Like many modern saddles, this one has been built for pain relief. It does a reasonably good job at it. What we appreciated the most about this particular model, however, was its neoprene shell. This adds another level of durability to the saddle that other manufacturers just don’t think about at this price point. The ventilation could be a little better and the saddle is only 6.inches wide, so perhaps a bit small for some riders, but you can’t beat the value of this purchase. It definitely punches above its weight class.

The best bike saddle for road and mountain bikes will give you a comfortable, virtually painless riding experience. Protect your sitting bones, prevent chafing, and you’ll feel like you could ride for forever. That’s the power a great saddle can provide for your bicycle today.


It is supposed to show you the heart rate, speed, calories burned, resistance levels, revolutions per minute (RPM), time and distance. It is going to best if they all show up at once. The best upright exercise bikes even come with dual displays


The number of programs are important to consider. They are going to boost your workout session and guarantee best results for weight loss. Before buying a bike, find out which one has the best programs that match with your age, gender, and other factors.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

At first glimpse, you might dismiss this bike by thinking that it is a cheap one that will not be able to get rid of the extra pounds. The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike may be similar to a simple bicycle but it can be the best one when it is about weight loss.


It appears to be ordinary and simple but has the ability to hold around 300 pounds and provide results just like the expensive bike models. When you understand all the benefits you will think that you are reading the price wrong. It does come with a small price tag but the results are big.

The best part I liked just like all other users were the seat. Upright bikes have a reputation of making small and uncomfortable seating. It is comfortable and large, talented enough to make the user feel relaxed and at the same time get rid of extra calories. It is suitable for tall people. The bike instructions say that it is for people who are feet inches to feet one inch whereas people who are more than feet inches say that they are comfortable using it.


The bike is a stable one and the extended leg stabilizers stop any pointless movement during pedaling. Lastly, you should be able to tell from the name that you can fold it. In that way, you can store and have enough space in your room.

You can keep track of your exercise information which includes odometer, pulse, scan, time, speed, distance, time and calories burned


It has a sturdy steel frame and a strong flywheel which can balance the user’s weight and ensure that there is wobbling during the workout. The overall weight is only 60 pounds but its solidity and sturdiness make it feel like more than that. You can view the calories, time, distance, speed on the beautiful LCD display. It comes with a warranty of one year.

Special features

It features Bluetooth smart connectivity permitting the user to sync their data with Nautilus Connect TM, the Nautilus Trainer TM App and MyFitnessPal. Additionally, it offers the users a Dual Track TM display with two blue backlit LCD high-resolution monitors, so if the main display has the tablet in front of it, the user can view their results.  What I liked about it is the in-console speakers along with MPinput port, USB media charging abilities and a changeable fan. There are many people complaining about the lack of programs in an exercise bike.  This one comes with 2of those workout programs and 2levels of resistance! Therefore, there is no complaining about this plus it features a lot of properties and upgrades that are going to impress you.

Triathlons & Training = A Lot Of Seat Time

In the sport of triathlon, the biking mileage is the longest compared to the swimming and running portions. For example, in a full Ironman triathlon, you bike 11miles.

Because the biking portion is the most significant, a triathlete spends a lot of hours and logs a lot of mileage training on his or her bike. This means a lot of time sitting on your rear end.

As I began increasing the mileage on my training rides, I noticed that it wasn’t so much my legs that were aching, but my neck, wrists, lower back, and butt. The right bike seat can make a huge difference in your training for and competing in triathlons.

Bike Seats vs Bike Saddles

In the cycling world, bike seats are referred to as bike saddles.

A “seat” is technically something you sit on, bearing your entire weight. A saddle is different because it is intended to carry some, but not all of your weight. The rest of your weight is carried by your legs, as well as your hands and arms.

Soft Bike Seats

Some people might assume the most comfortable bike seat is the “softest” one but this is not necessarily true.

Compare it to a bed mattress. For me, the softer the mattress, the worse it is for me in terms of comfort level. A harder or firmer mattress is more comfortable for me.

Many saddles are made to appeal to an inexperienced cyclist who would evaluate a bike seat by how easily they can push their thumb into the squishy top. That kind of saddle is comfortable if all you are doing is biking 1or miles, but if you are biking over or miles, you’re in trouble. Saddles with excessive padding are often the common cause of painful chafing of the inner thigh, as rides become longer.

Narrow Bike Seats

The width of the saddle is a critical factor in determining the best bike seat for you.

When cycling, your weight is concentrated on your two “sit bones,” known technically as your “ischial tuberosities.” These parts of your body are designed to bear your seated weight, and saddle-related discomfort normally arises because the load is carried on the soft tissues between your sit bones.

A saddle that is too narrow will cause those sit bones to hang over the sides, forcing the soft tissues to bear the load. If the saddle is too wide, it is likely to cause chafing of the inner thigh.

Expect to hear a lot about gel bike seats, which are touted as the cure-all for saddle soreness. This “gel” is a closed-cell foam, in which the air bubbles are at higher than normal pressure. But buyers beware, a lot of cyclists say it’s basically hype, and has no correlation to how comfortable your saddle is.

The faster you ride, the more likely it is you’ll want a narrow, racing-style seat. This is because a fast-riding position on a bike shifts you forward, placing more weight on the hands and feet and reducing a lot of the weight on the seat. Also, as you pedal more vigorously, you spin faster and you can’t tolerate interference from the sides of the seat. However, keep in mind that the longer-distance triathlons are less about speed and more about endurance. You don’t “race” 11miles, you successfully endure it.

Men’s vs Women’s Bike Seats

Most high-performance bikes have saddles designed for men, not for women. Due to the wider pelvis of most women, this can result in the sit bones overhanging a narrow saddle, leading to painful pressure on soft tissues. In general, women’s saddles are somewhat wider and somewhat shorter than those that work best for men.

While not all women require a female-specific saddle design, many do. Women sometimes do fine on men’s saddles but it’s a good idea for a woman to start a woman’s saddle. The typical man’s saddle is a bit longer and narrower, while the women’s saddle is a bit shorter and wider.

For a woman, tilting the saddle down in front may reduce acute saddle pain, but creates a tendency to slide forward. This sliding must be resisted by pushing backward on the handlebars, which can result in sore hands, wrists, shoulders or neck! Some newer women’s saddles have a large cutout in the middle to eliminate pressure on soft tissues. These work well for many women, but some cyclists find the sharp-ish edges of the hole irritating.

Our Pick

Bike Seat with Waterproof Safety taillight, GT ROAD Memory Foam Padded Bicycle Saddle

Does your road to office and/or work is full of bumps? Has your back borne the brunt of being subjected to numerous jumps? If your answer to these questions is in affirmative, this saddle merits your attention.

With an inner high-density perforated foam – which allows air passage in and out of the saddle. And dual springs – which take out the zeitgeist of the road bumps, it has the ability to smooth out road bumps with aplomb.

Also, while this feature is not common in saddles, it has a tail light to allow the driver coming from your backside to see you. The light mode comes in two types: Steady and flashing. You can use either based on your preference.

If you have thick pockets, I see no reason why this bike should not be in your garage.


Signswise Lightweight Glossy Full Carbon Fiber Saddle for MTB Road Bike Seat Black

To be honest, this bike would have got the first prize from us but for the fact that it requires you to wear professional cycling shorts. If not for this, the Full Carbon Saddle for MTB Road Bike would have got a thumbs up from us.

Being the most expensive saddle of this review, the Full Carbon Fiber Saddle from Signswise is specially designed for women. For, this saddle is both long and narrow to suit the geometry of

To avoid the problem of slippage, it has been adorned with an abrasive fabric. There is nothing fancy in this fabric, just that it is a bit grainy to allow you to settle comfortably in your seat.

Also, if you want to buy this saddle, we recommend using cycling pants. This saddle has no padding and if you want to cover long distances without your professional pants, the journey might become uncomfortable.

Also Great

OUTERDO Bike Saddle Mountain Bike Seat Professional Road MTB Gel Comfort Bicycle Seat Cycling Seat Cushion Pad 27*15cm

Being a cutout saddle, it will make sure that the pressure in your soft tissues is relieved if/when you are traveling long distances. Comfort is further ensured by the cushioned padding which makes riding this saddle a joyful experience.

Also, if you see it carefully, you’ll notice some holes in the back part of the saddle. They make the saddle breathable, allowing it to transport air to make sure you remain cool while riding.

One negative aspect of this bike is the sticky material used in its cover. If you want to re-adjust your position, you might not be able to do it while sitting on the saddle. Rather, you would have to lift your back and re-adjust again.

They absorb shock

Ask any veteran road biker and he’ll tell you that with cycling comes a large number of pains and aches. Although you will be riding on a straight road – which means that you’ll be forgiven the discomfort of riding a mountain bike, there will still be a large number of bumps and pot holes in the road for you to figure out.

Talking about the best road bike saddle, they allow you to navigate through these testing terrains via their shock absorption mechanism. The saddle will absorb the bulk of the shock, exposing your joints to the bare minimum.

Better workout

Most of us turn to road bicycling for workouts. They aren’t as grueling as mountain bikes nor as they as homeopathic as the hybrid ones. However, if you don’t have a padded seat – a must for any bike, even bicycling on a straight road will become testing for you. The best road bike saddle will take your attention out of the road and allow you to focus on your endurance, form, and strength as you exercise with your bike

Gender is Important

With apologies to feminists, gender does matter on the type of saddle you are going to get. For, while the women bikes have a wider and shorter seat to accommodate women’s pelvis and sitting bones, men bikes have narrow, longer seats to suit their geometry.

Shape and Size you do need the size of the saddle, you need to measure the distance between the two depressions made by your sit bones. Afterward, add 25-30mm to find the width of your saddle.

Padding: As stated earlier, more padding doesn’t mean more comfort. While a thick padding will ensure comfort over the short term, a longer ride and it might end up putting more pressure on the soft tissues in the surrounding areas. That is the reason why most riders prefer thin padding.

Height of the saddle

To get a saddle of perfect height, make sure your arms are just an inch or two from being fully extended when you control the handlebar while sitting on the saddle. For example, if you have to overextend or under extending your hands to reach the handlebars, it’s a sign that your saddle height isn’t correct.




How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Comfortable Bike Seats by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Comfortable Bike Seats wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP10 of Comfortable Bike Seats



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